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  1. ...At least not on most NHL teams.
  2. Only Miller can prevent full tank at this stage.
  3. You obviously don't understand what "foundational player" means
  4. No place for feeling good here. This is serious stuff and not meant to be fun. There's no place for emotions...Gotta keep that stuff in check. What a contrast to watch Tkachuk running around almost out of control last nigh, grinning from ear to ear, having a blast and getting supported by his management. Our kids all look like they've been told they will be benched if they dare have fun or act out of place.
  5. Hell no...need the Wins. Play Miller until he's hurt...Play the Sedins 20+ and give Edler 28 minutes per game. Gotta go with the guys you trust.
  6. I guess WD needs a longer look at Biega as a forward and Chaput as a first liner. It's all about winning and earning ice time, regardless of the situation. Honestly, what is the point of putting Biega as a forward if you have one available and what is the point of bringing Eriksson off injury with 6 games left? Is Miller starting again? That would fit the pattern of playing vets regardless of the impact or situation.
  7. Well...Unless Goldy is hurt, Biega playing forward is certainly worth questioning, at least considering the circumstances...And certainly WD has figured out what he has in Chaput by now. Not worth taking a look at Goldy longer?
  8. Virtanen played like Tkachuk when he came to the NHL but had that coached out of him within a couple months. Instead of letting him be an impactful - though a little on the edge - young player, making an impact - he was immediately called on to tone it down and become a more responsible 200' player...you know...like Chaput and Megna who play the way they are supposed to. Tkachuk is walking a fine line but he was arguably the most impactful player on the ice last night and showed more grit and tenacity in that one game than our entire team has all year.
  9. Chaput is untouchable. It's a Willie thing. The point of bringing Eriksson back from injury with six games left and sitting the kids is pointless at best, at worst it is an indication how Willie will never play the kids if vets are available.
  10. Old dogs...New Tricks. Sedins are one year from retirement and show no signs of trying to change anything about their game at this point. The changes you speak of will have to come from Boeser playing with other young guys. Besides, the Pp is only one piece of the puzzle...you need up front size and presence to pressure and punish the other team's defenders. Without it, it is open season on our own players. I can't remember a game against Winnipeg where we did not have at least one player leave with an injury. Perhaps some of our injury woes are due to the "open season" approach taken to the game. Teams know there is no push back coming AND that the Pp is not an issue. May as well just knock the crap out of every Nuck you get close to.
  11. It goes beyond that, I observe his body movement and positioning and he really lack NHL level mobility. His pivots are weak so he has to back off leaving too much gap. He is slow to react in his own end to the puck and teams key on that. It wasn't just the blatant turnover that led to a goal in the first minute either but the repeated bobbles at the offensive blue line that killed plays/momentum. One of my biggest peeves is perhaps not his fault but something I would expect a big, veteran defenceman to do and that is to stand up for his D partner. He was with Tanev for a long time and Tanev was targeted for abuse on a regular basis and Edler never once stood up and sent a message. He is the same way with Stecher who is a smaller defender and increasingly teams are keying on him physically and Edler is nowhere to be seen. When Stech plays with Try, he has space and time because Try has shown an edge at times and olayers are a little cautious. Edler is a known quantity and no one is showing any hesitation at all in running his partner with impunity. I know Edler isn't a fighter but if he can't be a physical presence, he is a 3-4 d-man at best. As for his minutes, I agree he is played too much. Everyone has seen over the years his play suffers when he gets into the 20 minute area. That begs the question as to why, at this time in a lost season, it is necessary to play him so much? Obviously, we have injuries but spread the minutes out amongst the remainder of the D-core. Anyways, this is not a youth issue for me. It is purely a case of observing Edler's struggles and decline and believing his time In the NHL is done, at least as a top pairing D-man.
  12. True...he's big....why would you bother taking him on though when he never punishes anyone physically, allows players to stand in the crease while he screens his own goalie? No team wants to take him out of the game with a penalty
  13. He is having an impact in Edmonton for sure. Along with guys like Maroon, Edmonton plays a physical game. Both Toronto and Edmonton have had major culture changes which are largely responsible for their improving performance and both teams play with far more "grit" than the Nucsk. The Nucks have zero grit and the culture is a passive one. It will take a change in the core and the youth to assert themselves in that manner for it to change.
  14. W have been dreaming of team toughness for a decade. Lots of players have come and gone in that time as well as coaching changes and it still alludes this franchise. This team plays softer than any NHL team I have ever witnessed. So....What are the common denominators during that time? Edler and the twins...All play a passive, turn the cheek style of hockey and I blieve the team culture reflects the "core's" style. Adding a fighter to the team isn't going to build a push back culture when your key veterans allow themselves to be abused on a nightly basis.
  15. Absolutely would hate to lose him for nothing but can't see getting much with his age, salary and performance. Exposing him to LV in order to protect one of our other D may be the most value we can get for him.