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  1. Boston fans are about as low as it gets.
  2. They cheered their own players...redemption.
  3. Boston losing = good day!! Anyone else notice the beer being tossed by fans at the Ottawa coach and players and all the pop bottles, sun glasses etc. thrown on the ice? Boston really does have a large contingent of scummy fans.
  4. No kidding...what's next...war with N Korea or Russia? Aren't the planets all aligning to create a Green Moon tonight? Let's blame that.
  5. I'm pretty much of the same opinion. No one knows what was communicated between management and ownership but what you describe as WD's deployments in the face of a changing direction are pretty accurate. Whether ownership was pushing for him to be gone or not, JB really had no choice once WD basically defied his directive . Who knows if WD was deliberately sending a message or just not capable of icing kids he did not feel had earned the time. Pretty sure the next coach will have a different focus and will be tasked with getting the kids up to NHL speed ASAP. It will be painful but hopefully entertaining as well.
  6. I see. Well...Haven't seen anything to confirm that. I did see a coach that appeared to be defying the very public message of the GM. Don't see that JB really had a choice regardless if the owners position.
  7. Haven't' seen any proof that what you suggest is true but if it is...why would you want a GM that craters to the likes of Vancouver's press?
  8. Here's hoping the balls drop in our favour for a change.
  9. He back end is indeed shaping up. I like what Gudbranson brings and Try. Far fewer liberties will be taken when they are regularly patrolling our end. Jb is rightly searching for scoring talent as this team is in desparate need if that but so far, not much size with those players. Guys like Goldy, Bocher, Granlund etc., Are going to need linemates that play a heavir, meaner game if they are going to have the space and time to do their thing. It's not easy to find d those guys because every team wants them. Hopefully, we can develop our own, Virtanen being a strong candidate if he can re-directed his game.
  10. It's not 4:20 yet.
  11. I agree the decision was made awhile back. I would hazard a guess that when JB had to go public and state in no uncertain terms that WD had been spoken to and was now onside with plying the youth, the cast was set. It seemed Willie was either unable or unwilling to let go of the "earn your ice" and "players I trust" mantras to give the new kids the kind of look JB wanted. JB was clear it was about seeing what the kids had, not about earning ice time or trust yet WD continued to deploy the troops - mainly Chaput and Megna - in a manner contrary to that instruction. Perhaps it was intentional by WD in trying to point the finger back at management for the players he was given or perhaps he just is not capable of playing players he does not believe3 earned their time or his trust. Regardless, when the coach goes rogue, he has to go no matter the reason or rationale. IN a way, I think Willie forced JB's hand whether intentional or not.
  12. I'd be lying if I said I was surprised but I would be interested in your rationale.
  13. I'm sure you meant to add "IMHO". Care to justify explain?