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  1. Sami Salo will outperform Jason Garrison

    only problem is tampa cannot keep thepuck out of their net, you overlooked that small point.
  2. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    because Kesler could not pass to save his life, it was over the blue line, shoot wide, line change. Put Cody in there to feed booth and Kes, there was a lot of debate as to why this did not happen. Not sure which Ryan Kesler you were watching last year pal.
  3. Frank Corrado Talk

    how's Corrado doing at camp? regarding edler, MG is trying to trade him because he wont take a pay cut to stay in Van. Unfortunately, Gillis cannot get a top 4 d man out of Toronto (Gardiner or Gunnersson)
  4. Frank Corrado Talk

    Dmen next year Cannauton and Tanev to NHL AHL Sauve Corrado Andersson Polasek Blumstrand Tommernes Price-ECHL/AHL McNally NCAA/ECHL/AHL pretty good organizational depth for 4-6 spot kind of guys no real top 2 dman in our organization-although Corrado has a lot of upside.
  5. Ludwig Blomstrand Talk

    Mmmmm tuna!
  6. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    he has cold streaks now because: 1. he is a rookie in the SEL 2.His team sucks and they depend on him to do most of the woek offensively, poor cast of complimentary players.
  7. Multiple Warning Signs Surrounding Zack Kassian

    I've seen him play live for nucks and wolves. Some days he looks dominant and has elite skill, other days he looks disinterested.I would sign him long term to low money, because in 5 years or so he could be a real force. trading him or letting him walk would be a mistake, you have to give players time to develop-look at the sedins and Burrows, didn't come into their own until around 26/27
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Cold streak burrrrrr
  9. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    like I said with Hodgson- I would put schroeder on the second line between booth and kesler and let him feed passes all day. with kesler on the ice, i would not be so worried about a defensive matchup. Gillis and Veigneault cried about how Hodgson was a defensive liability, I don't get that- look at teams like Philly-put couturier up against crosby last year, had schenn playing big minutes in the playoffs- what do we do- we trade away our only good young player before the playoffs because we are falsely concerned he'll get eaten alive. Gillis' first year here was great and then he started to make really poor decisions- him and veignealt need to give young guys a chance-Jensen, Kassian, Schroeder need a chance- they wont be perfect everygame but how else will you develop your young players?
  10. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    who do you all suggestive we should have taken instead of Gaunce, the only player that comes to mind would be Samuellson from the WHL. I was hopping we picked him, but Gillis went more for character. Samuellson plays wing and center so we could have developed him as a centre
  11. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    To CBJ Luongo Raymond Rodin 2013 2nd To Van Jenner CBJ 1st 2013 Dorsett Mason in 2 years Sedin Sedin Burrows Jensen Kesler Booth Higgins Jenner Kassian Dorsett Lappiere Hansen Monahan Gaunce Schroeder Bieksa Hamhuis Edler Garrison Cannauton Tanev Corrado Schneider Mason
  12. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    That gives us sick organization depth at center Monohan Jenner Gaunce Schroeder Wawaweeeeewa
  13. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I'd package Luongo to Columbus to move up. To CBJ Luongo Raymond Rodin Cannauton To VAN Mason Dorsett Jenner 2013 CBJ first
  14. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    He needs to get some solid game action in the NHL before you can judge him. The AHL is a different league and a lot of guys have good but not great AHL stats and then go on to really string AHL careers
  15. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Jensen reminds u of Hossa now??? What's next? Patrick Sharp? Steve Yzerman? Joe Sakic? Mario? Wayne? That guy from napoleon dynamite? Where does it end? Here!