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  1. Tim Schaller, Tyler Madden and a (2020) second round pick! LA also gets a 2022 fourth round pick if Toffoli re-signs.
  2. We will make the playoffs. He can't ask me because you closed the thread for no legitimate reason. This is starting to feel a lot like bullying. Was I mistaken to think that this whole "he said the playoff word" thing was humour? Doesn't feel funny anymore.
  3. The last time the Canucks won a playoff series... I was excited and hopeful but yet things still felt ominous somehow, a dark foreboding that was daily reinforced by the national sentiment against the team going into the SCF. I was deeply afraid that it would all implode even before it actually did. I wish now I could have enjoyed the moment more.
  4. I would vote for him often, he deserves to go. BUT...I am not creating yet another "account" and password to manage, giving out my email to receive even more more junk. There should be a way to vote without having to sign up.
  5. Waived. I hope for his sake that a team picks him up and gives him a chance at NHL revival. He almost certainly has played his last game with the Canucks.
  6. Marky... regardless of term he doesn't sign for less than $5M per year; regardless of money he doesn't sign for less then a 5 year term. I am happy to have him stick around.
  7. The danger of drafting for position and not picking the best player available. Hopefully JB has learned that lesson.
  8. On goaltenders: "Markstrom has not only been a good goaltender for us but he’s a really good person and a guy that we want around. A leader in the room and someone we want to have around going forward. When the time is right we’ll have the conversations but he’s a guy that all things being equal we’d like to sign him and continue to be our number one goalie and work with Thatcher. We don’t want to rush Thatcher and goaltending is a tough position – he’s a young player but we want to have two good goalies." Sounds to me like JB is setting up for a sign-and-trade (before expansion draft) with Marky.
  9. Agreed. And they didn't hamstring us with a recapture penalty either.
  10. I didn't read far enough and thought it was next season so voted for Edler. The correct answer is Hughes
  11. Those are a lot of stars that have to align! Pretty wishful thinking.
  12. I hope there are a lot of loud "draft lottery sucks" chants for Bettman to hear.
  13. there may be a site in the .tv domain. any search onHockey and .tv may help. May be in unsecured terrain though. Sorry, I don't use google, just used it in the verb "search" sense.