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  1. This is a team with no past (championship), present or future. Nothing to hang onto or hope for! I was 4yr when they entered the league and have been along for the ride ever since. Although I really want a cup for this team before I die... at this time I will settle for some HOPE.
  2. 4-1 Caps Ovie gets 2 points
  3. Edler waives NTC and is traded at deadline for a massive haul! Ericksson outscores (points) Tarasenko at RW position! Nux finish in lottery position (but not last) and then win #1 in the draft lottery! BONUS: CDC is so confident that Boeser will sign that the topic never appears on the forum!
  4. The Canucks won't make it to the final again until 2025...that seems to be their average SCF frequency. 1970 first year in league...12 years later... 1982 SCF...12 years later... 1994 SCF...17 years later... 2011 SCF...14 years later (average of gap)... 2025! The Canucks are Stanley Cup Champions!
  5. Exactly! (ugh...what does that say about my general outlook on life)? I do agree with your assessment regarding how well Boeser will fit here and why it would be attractive to him...if I let myself think about it!
  6. You are not going to like my answer, my reasoning isn't hockey related. This team is incapable of having the kind of luck where a 23rd pick becomes a first-line player. It is a coping mechanism...I cannot allow myself to enjoy the hope and dream of Boeser being here because it will hurt way more when he doesn't! (by the way, I tried to employ the same strategy to the draft lottery...and it still ripped my guts out). So maybe this coping mechanism isn't that effective?
  7. Just wait until the Oil sign Boeser...then these boards will light up! (and I ain't joking...Nux fans better manage their expectations...a lot can change in a year despite what Boeser says now...I think he will sign elsewhere).
  8. I hope he is still available at 6th!
  9. Yes, I do (fingers crossed). I think most teams think Chychrun is in that mix and hopefully he goes higher as most rankings have him. Interesting to note the diversity of the various rankings...such as those found below, and on TSN's monthly "Craigs List." I get the impression that there may be some sleepers that were ranker lower sneaking into top 6 as well. No doubt, we will get a good, possibly great player!
  10. because we will pick 6th, Dubois will be gone. Tkachuk. And I am happy with that.
  11. I too expect the worse...we will draft from 6th spot. If I resign myself to this and we draft higher then I will be pleasantly surprised! My own little coping mechanism!
  12. Win. I am preparing for the Canucks to have the worst lottery luck and therefore drop 3 spots in the draft regardless of where they finish in the standings. So whether we get to draft 6th or 7th, to me, is neither here nor there. The quality of player available at both draft slots will be the same. There is no advantage to 6th over 7th. I hope they destroy the Oilers...embarrass them in fact.
  13. Most pre-draft rankings state that numbers 1-4 are almost sure NHLers and likely "core" players for their new teams. Rankings 5-12 are good and some will play well in NHL, some won't. I am not saying that some great player(s) won't come from below #4, just that the TOP 4 are best bet for large impact. I want large impact. So I wish for a TOP 4! Failing that I want Chychrun. Odds for TOP 4 according to pre-draft position are: 1. 100% 2. 74.3% 3. 48.4% 4. 32.1% 5. 26.3% (no #4) 6. 23.4% (no #4) 7. 20.6% (no #4) 8. 19.2% (no #4) 9. 16.2% (no #4) 10. 11.5% (no #4) 11. 9.9% (no #4) 12. 8.2% (no #4) 13. 6.7% (no #4) 14. 3.4% (no #4) calculations from stats at So, personally I always want to win but part of me thinks if we are gonna lose then let's do it right. Winning those 2 Cali games knocked our chance at a top 4 down to a third of what it was (74.3% to 23.4%), and when we rank higher than 27th we don't even get a chance at #4 (top 3 or bust). And with our current position we are now out of the sweepstakes for Chychrun (according to most pre-draft rankings). is best for the team if the players try their hardest to win every night...but still lose!
  14. I think we will finish 3rd or 4th worst. Unfortunately I am tempering my expectations around the lottery. With this team's (bad) luck we will likely drop three spots and be picking 6th or 7th despite this being the first time this millennium that we have even been close to top three. That is what I will prepare for. Anything more will then be a pleasant surprise!
  15. good points...give me hope!