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  1. I regret that we are once again placing our Cup chances in the hands of Swedes. I love the twins but they just couldn't get it done when it counted. I fear the same for Dahlen and Pettersson. We need heavier players ( notice I didn't say tougher) with skill in this division and players that will go through h3ll to stick up for themselves and each other. Otherwise we will just continue to be playoff fodder for the other Conference teams. Glass may have fit the bill...highly unlikely EP does. Last thing we need is a recycle of the Sedin experiment for the next 15 years. Here's hoping they (EP a Dahlen) get traded.
  2. Which year? Hard to guess...but not soon. For the team to be contending again by 2022 is best case scenario in my mind. And I believe that the team roster will be significantly different by then with only a couple of current players remaining (if that). Which is why I find it hard to get excited about anything other than the blue chips...most of the others will be gone. I think we have at least a couple blue chips in the system and more coming through drafts...that is where my focus lies. As fans, the gnashing of teeth over the current roster composition that we engage in is purely mental masterbation. In the meantime I will idolize Bo and pray for a pleasant surprise out of one (or more) of Goldy, Boeser, Dahlen, and their ilk. And I will cautiously watch Demko, Juolevi, Virtanen, and their ilk, careful not to get too excited until warranted. And I will have faith in TL/JB...I have no other choice.
  3. My hope is we never hear Linden/Benning talk about another incoming player as being "foundational"! According to the brass, we already have an entire team of foundational players...and we finished 29th. Skill and speed please.
  4. What now? Check out! We were just set back 2 years with drop in draft position and loss of Tryamkin. Looks like the Canuck's Lord Stanley contend cycle of 15-17 years is confirming itself again... Wake up in 2026AD to see the next Canuck contending team.
  5. Once again I agree with you, and you summarize the point I am trying to make. Thanks, I appreciate the exchange. You have described my utter disappointment and why I commented on your post originally. Receipt of first or second likely means an immediate gamer changer. After that it doesn't matter. We lost a major opportunity. The road ahead is more steep than before this lottery, that seems unfair. Can great drafting and development overcome it? Lets hope so. IT'S THE ONLY HOPE.
  6. I agree with everything you say. It doesn't preclude the fact that the overwhelming statistical evidence is that rarely do the lower rated players in higher rounds (in terms of predraft ranking) exceed the top ranked when careers are all said and done. I am not arguing with you, we just have a difference of opinion regarding relative effect of not choosing in top tier. I believe that teams ahead of us stand a higher chance of improving more than us as ahead result of picking ahead in the lottery...and I don't think that is right. Can we get a great player? Absolutely yes!! Are the odds slim? Yes!...AND way slimmer than if we picked 1 or 2 in 2017.
  7. I know you are right oldnews, we likely will get a good player. But that isnt the point. We are at the the bottom of the league. If teams like ourselves and Colorado, presumably Vegas as well, don't get BETTER players than the rest of the league, then we can never climb out of the basement. The teams that wil select elite players in the 2017 draft don't need them to compete...but the ones that won't do. The current draft lottery system does not help create parity and hinders teams trying to claw their way out of the basement.
  8. Right you are...and my apologies. Somehow I thought I was replying in the GDT thread...kinda bewildered how I got here actually! Catching GOOD breaks... How about selecting Pavel Bure and having that hold up legally? Or that Pat Quinn wanted to come here so much he broke league Rules? Am I dating myself? P.S. anyone know if I can move my original comment to the proper post?
  9. Doesn't matter where we pick the canucks will disappoint. Let's look at last three drafts. 2014 - Virtanen over Ehlers or Nylander - FAIL 2015 - don't pick until 23rd - FAIL (we needed to move higher in this any means) 2016 - pick Juolevi over BPA Tkachuk or even Chychrun- FAIL I am not saying that the players we picked are busts. I am saying that it was mistakes to pick them where we did with better player options for our club available. In other words our 2014 and 2016 picks are first round busts. A rebuilding team cannot afford many first round busts. I was heartbroken last year when we dropped in the lottery. Not so worried this year, this team will make the wrong pick regardless of where we pick from. In fact, picking lower might make the coming pick error seem less obvious.
  10. Agreed many first rounders never become regular NHL players, but there are clearly some in every first round that do. Even more important with our limited first round picks that we pick in the 30-40% that you mentioned. According to you if JV doesn't make it it is to be expected (60-70% chance) my disappointment in his progression is to be expected. Good for you that you are satisfied as long as a first round player contributes to the team eventually. I expect more from our management group and our players. Do I expect every chioice will be a But relative to what ws available...I have no problem declaring (even this early) that JV is a first round bust. Lastly, regardless if JV becomes a regular NHL player or not, the sole fact that his NHL career will be 200 or so games less than his first round draft cohorts means relatively less value for his team. hindsight sure...but I consider JV a first round bust.
  11. Sure...but that's a consolation prize. Fact is this guy was chosen 6th overall! At that position we need something more than "worth having in the lineup"...especially considering the great talents from that draft that we didn't pick. It may be safe to say he will be an NHL also seems safe to say he is a bust for a 6th overall pick. This team can't afford to miss in first round picks.
  12. Screw Kassian...another no-show that didn't contribute when here but shines after he leaves. Where was that commitment when you were a Canuck Zack? And we got a bag of pucks for him. Another player that hurt rather than helped the team. Every bit of hockey success he has just rubs salt in the wound. Would have been better if he just faded away into oblivion.
  13. This article on Sportsnet is telling. Two GMs clearly state that Buyers approach Sellers...and not the other way around. It doesn't seem that the Seller shops deals to potential Buyers. According to this article, GMJB will have to wait for the phone to ring after making it known that he is a Seller (presumably that is obvious if it hasn't already been declared). It doesn't seem like there is much "work" that GMJB can do at this point.
  14. It's worse than that. We will likely finish 28th, then get dropped to 4th best lotto odds with the addition of Las Vegas. And then we will probably drop 3 more places on lotto day when teams behind us (with worse odds) get lucky... to end up ultimately picking 7th! And then we won't pick BPA.
  15. This is a team with no past (championship), present or future. Nothing to hang onto or hope for! I was 4yr when they entered the league and have been along for the ride ever since. Although I really want a cup for this team before I die... at this time I will settle for some HOPE.