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  1. Hey Nick, just wanted to say hope you get better soon. Your the best commish one can have - no one will be able to replace you - and wanted to tell you how much of a great presence you bought to the league and everyone in it. Here's to a speedy recovery :)

  2. Can't wait for Trade Deadline 2012 to come. Nothing beats watching 10 hours of trade speculation and rumors

  3. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Thanks for the great stats, after that brutal start Bieksa had, I know his giveaway/takeaway ratio will get much better.
  4. Hey there, how goes it?

  5. Teams are absolutely stacked at the moment. Expansion should be greatly considered. It is not really that fun to have all teams up tight to the cap, and then having to do deals with equal amounts of cap going both ways (can get very challenging at times). The league could use more teams, and I for one would vote in favor of expansion.
  6. I will take Buffalo. I will try to go in by myself here, and if I do need the help, I could get someone to become an assistant. But I feel that the Sabres have the pieces to be competitive, and let me build the team to my liking
  7. I am guessing there will be a new thread as well? Canuckk hasn't been here in ages, and there is no other possible way to edit the original post.
  8. If anyone is looking for an assistant general Manager, I would be more than happy to join their team. With an increased role in the RGMG game, I won't have the time to run a competitive team on my own. However, with that being said, I want to participate in this game, and hopefully join up with someone and build a great franchise. I wouldn't mind filling out an application of some sorts, if the team requires me to. Just send me a PM, and we can talk about it there.
  9. Are there any teams available? I would love to help with anything league related, especially to lower the load on the temporary commissioner. Looking at the past few pages, it seems like the original commissioner did all signings etc., so I would love volunteer to be an agent or trade tracker, if it keeps the game running. The absence of the commissioner was the reason why I didn't apply to join the game, but if the commissioner remains committed and keeps the game going strong, I would be an active and whole-heartedly committed General Manager. -NF91
  10. If any GM's are still wanting to participate in a game, try applying for the Revolutionized GM Game, there are some spots open, and we could use some more activity and rid of the inactive general managers.