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  1. Reddit NHL streams is gone.  what is another good site to stream games from?

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    2. TNucks1


      yeah, i was pissed when i saw that, did reddit get in trouble with the nhl or something?

    3. 6string


      The name is on the Reddit page.

    4. CanucksCulprit
  2. It sucks cause I have Sid too. Need his points but don't want him scoring on saturday. Probably put Sid and EP in for center as I can only have two a day. I also have skinner and Barkov in the center. And the ALL play tomorrow.
  3. looking for advice here. If you have EP on your fantasy team and he plays saturday, Do you put him in? Or, do you think he will be a little off after being out for so many games.
  4. anyone have a clip of the interview? please post here if someone does. TIA
  5. for a second there i forgot which thread i was on