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  1. All of a sudden the Canucks aren't so slow

    Makes it seem like this issue only happened against Calgary. The issue has been happening since 2009, 2010 playoffs losing against Chicago and 2011 against Boston. Whenever the defense were intelligently forechecked, the Canucks would lose possession regularly - that's why we were losing 8-2, 4-0, etc in a goddamn stanley cup final. That's why the clamor for a number one defenseman, but really, the need was a good defensive corps that can move the puck through skating, through passing, and intelligence.
  2. What's Sutter worth?

    Would love to be closer to 4M per, but could see it as being closer or a bit over 5M per year. Term 3-6 years, depending on what the Canucks believe in him, and what kind of security he is looking for. Remember that salaries are typically done relative to the other signings and to the new cap, and not what were the convenient standards back in the day or what we think are fair.
  3. It's not a full blown conspiracy, but a general bias against Canadian teams, just like the refs have a bias against Burrows because of his history (or do you think that it is all coincidence?) Just look at the Flames get robbed a cup in Game 6 of 2004.
  4. Willy D's post game comments

    You know what it is? It's because some of these fans have certain expectations, and when they are not met, they feel that the Canucks haven't been doing enough of one thing or another. They just don't realize that sometimes you could be playing at and trying your best and you can still lose (even if you are supposed to be better), that's just life.
  5. Dale Weise rips apart Canucks/Torts in interview

    We all agreed that Tortorella kicking butt was what the team needed. But complete lack of respect, and lack of class from your coach are something else entirely. Doesn't matter if it comes from a "nice coach", there would be major issues with the team because of those things. If we had a soft coach, we might be in the same boat now, but still wondering if this team needs a butt kicking or an overhaul.
  6. Canucks Save on Foods contests

    5 Goals I keep hearing for one of the winners during the game. Which is almost never gonna happen, even if you counted just 1 player doing that from any team in the league.
  7. I think that was before we realized that the PP would no longer be given to us / good teams learn to shut down PPs in the playoffs. 5on5 is clearly much more important in today's game.
  8. This is a good find. But it does matter because clearly, we score enough 5on5 goals, but aren't keeping it out of our net 5on5. Defense is lacking should just be the conclusion.
  9. No hearing because Matthias is not a star. They didn't even need to reach for the Anti-Canadian team bias for this one.
  10. Most underrated second line.

    I watched the Canucks play the ducks once last year, and I noticed then that this "new Bonino guy" seemed to be this huge 6'5 guy who was always a scoring threat. I was amazed to see his wiki states that he was average sized at 6'1, 190lbs. He definitely played big during that game with the ducks, and had scoring ability. Benning has got to be a psychic to have seen that talent when he was still working with the Bruins in the East.
  11. More arguments about how we shouldn't give money to impoverished people or they get lazy. So instead, let's continue to give the money to the super rich (through tax breaks), because you know they never get lazy. So much fear about unfettered, pure communism/socialism in a society that holds so many damn monopolies and capitalistic tendencies, it's friggin' ridiculous.
  12. Rowdy Rexal place

    The only thing missing from this story was another blast to the face of the heffer. Our society can't condone the escalation of violence, but man do we love it when idiots get their faces rearranged!
  13. [Official] 2015 Stanley Cup Playoff Chart

    As always, great work, and much appreciated! I wonder how long before other teams start up their own Magic Number Charts
  14. I believe keeping their mouth shut includes not sharing these nude photos with their friends and other students, so as to make sure that the police would not have been 'tipped off' in the first place.
  15. The Capitals have had size, and skill, with some speed. They had good, "Canadian" role players. Sure, blame it all on lack of "heart" or "grit". But the reality is hockey intelligence and winning 1v1 battles are the name of the game. They lack that in the defensive zone, hence their failure as a playoff team overall. Watch all the hawks, bruins, kings, ducks, even penguins and red wings, etc. Some had big skilled goons, they all had some skilled snipers, playmakers and defensemen, but the biggest thing is that they win the battles and get to the loose pucks CONSISTENTLY. They position themselves and set up their skating paths for maximum chance of getting to pucks (a la Don Cherry cover the points!), and they do so BEFORE it's super obvious that it is going to end up at a certain location. None of the recent stanley cup winners won while being weak on the puck and losing 1v1 battles. They had great intelligence with and without the puck. You can argue the varying amounts or composition of speed, skill, size between stanley cup champs. But having 4 lines of intelligence and winning puck battles are what makes a team win. The skill, size, speed are obviously going to be limited by your cap space and availability of said players, but intelligence is the only way to utilize those skillsets towards victory. Build with intelligence in mind, then pick up players to fill your skill, size and speed requirements. In a cap space, that means you can't expect to buy more than 6-8 skilled guys for your top 6, no more than 4-5 3rd line players, and another 4-5 4th line role players. Similarly with your defensemen.