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  1. Canucks Memes

    This thread alone brought CDC back to some level of respectibility.
  2. See how much easier it is to get a President than it is to get a Prime Minister?

  3. Is making a sig difficult? I wanna make one...

    1. Armada


      It can take some people 8 years to make one. Extremely difficult.

    2. TheLawyer


      it takes me about 1 minute and 34.5 seconds to make one when i'm on BC bud. Get Creative ;)

  4. It's That Time of Year Again...

    Hope CDC picks this up!!! Good luck!!!
  5. Early This Morning The Canucks Biggest Fan Entered Heaven...

    RIP... Hope the Canucks can win this one for the true Canucks fans we've lost over 40 years. Earlier this year my dad had a major heart attack and was in the hospital for weeks, unsure if he'd come out. A lot of times during those weeks I would think, "I wish he could last so he can see the Canucks win the cup before he goes." Weird, I know, but some things you know would mean a lot to some people...
  6. Thanks to everyone who accepted my friend request!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Caboose


      You enjoy reading my posts O.o I can count on one hand the amount of times I've added something of substance to a conversation

    3. BornCanuck


      Well, with you it's mostly your sig. What can I say, I have low standards.

    4. Caboose


      Thanks... I think.

  7. OK... randomly trying to add people as friends so that it looks like I'm cool. Let's do this!!