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  1. You're spot on!! If i have to explain one more time to people that comparing other types of deaths are irrelevant, i'm going to lose my mind!
  2. No playoff beards this year by the looks of it, so i'm going to push for the social distancing beard movement. Lol!
  3. REALLY!!! Sometimes we need at least a little humour when in the middle of such a hard / negative time. Plus, he is egomaniac, a narcissist, a liar and a POS person / president!! Not to mention crazy! His redoric / choices are dangerous and wreckless and will cost thousands of lives!!! He deserves ALL the criticism he gets!
  4. All those people at the roof party need to be kicked in the junk!!! Selfish & ignorant!!
  5. For sure, but it's a risk. If the worst case was a really bad cold it's one thing, but it's death. For lots it's fine, but for some it's not, so hopefully a vaccine etc come along sooner then later. But, there's so much up in the air. Hopefully more come out the other side than not!
  6. Sooooo.....people should play Russian Roulette with their lives.....
  7. I try not to follow politics and i typically think it's a lose / lose situation - best of the worst situation at the best of times. I believe he's done good and done bad during his term depending on what it's in reference to...but as far as this pandemic, i think he's mostly done a great job! His press conferences always come across as calm, reassuring and informative! Could he have done a few things better, for sure, but it's a unprecedented time and a hard time, even for him.
  8. You do understand that things can be locked down, minus essential things?! Just as Italy just did. So, minus grocery, pharmacy & banks.
  9. Never said they were hiding anything or that it's a issue...just saying it skews the numbers slightly.
  10. While i 100% agree with people doing what the Canadian authorities tell them, the %'s will always be a little off due to lack of testing / unreported cases. But, i believe overall we'll manage better here.
  11. People aren't stupid...they know exactly what you were inferring.
  12. Jesus christ! Not everything is's being descriptive. FFS!
  13. A lil something i posted on my FB page this morning. Got in a nasty argument with my cousin / his buddies yesterday...lets just say they're American... While i agree with others about being respectful, kind and working together during this time...i don't for one second regret calling out (even bluntly) people who are being selfish, ignorant, entitled and who aren't following the rules / guidelines set out by the professions / people in charge. Or worse, spewing conspiracies. Their actions / behavior / words are wreckless and dangerous and will only perpetuate this...spreading the virus, making it drastically worse, therefore infecting more people, putting more people (high risk) at risk and in the end there will be more deaths. No matter what some people say, even if someone is older and / or has health issues, their lives still matter!!! They are someone's loved one!! I've heard many many people from around the world, especially nurses plea with others to follow the rules / take this seriosly...and the number one rule they're talking about is social distancing! Because they know the nightmare to come if we don't. People who aren't taking this seriously /aren't following the rules / spewing conspiracy theories nèed to STOP!!!!!
  14. Thank you for everything!! I'm furious with people who aren't taking this seriously and who aren't following the rules...and have called out a few people in a very blunt way. People need to wake up!
  15. Exactly! Seems pretty straight forward to me.