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  1. I used to think there was a "too early" time, but i'm way past that now...i'm like people have baileys & coffee, mimosas & other at breakfast. Plus, i've watched a lot of food travel shows, including my favourite Anthony Bourdain and i've learned that there's a lot people in a lot of other countries that drink alcohol all times of day including breakfast! So, with that in mind, cheers & bottoms up!
  2. Time to ride together / lets do this!!! Go Canucks Go!!!!!
  3. Damn.....this got me hyped / ready to play and i'm not even playing!! Lol!
  4. Wow...the gdt / pgt from last game are full of all kinds of stupid...i guess some people haven't been keeping their brains sharp / active during this pandemic and a whole bunch of dumb crept in. Lol! I hope there's more positivity, common sense & logic for tonight's game. Go Canucks Go!!!
  5. While i believe he was prob doing a good job, i believe he's been here since 2008? Funny how our drafting was bad up until Benning arrived, yet some think it was all Judd! While a collaborative affort, cleary Benning's guidance / involvement are what put things on the right track. So, to those freaking out / saying fire Benning, maybe get a grasp on the situation. Plus, you don't know what goes on behind the scenes...there's a lot of dynamics in play. Only here would people lose their minds over a scout leaving!!
  6. Swap hockey for football. Lol!