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  1. Great job DJD!
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Dave!
  4. Round 1 game 2? Or tech problems? Just asking if you don't have that's alright. Thanks DJD!
  5. Well I think we have a great horn and a great goal song! As long as we win and score I like the goal song. Not saying I hate it I think it's great!
  6. Dave your the best! Can't thank you enough! Go nucks Go!
  7. It's alright Thanks Dave!
  8. Hey Dave can you post the April 7th Minasota game thank you!
  9. Thanks again DJD
  10. Thanks DJ Dave! I will try that on twitter!
  11. Thanks DJ Dave! It helps when you can do this!
  12. Please return! Every game I plan to see what music you play! Thanks DJD!
  13. Why can't you do this anymore! I like to see the music that you play at Rogers Arena. Can you still tell us the music?
  14. Hey Dave! Do you mind if you can ask someone that does the video board and please ask if they can put my video on the jumbotron please! Thanks you Dave!Link: