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  1. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    to both of us. love it! now draw one with mario attacking him with a tanooki tail!
  2. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    capt bob was showing me your drawings when we were having lunch this afternoon... those are some nice drawings! i'm also one of those people who are guilty of attacking toad... partially to let out my frustration from mario kart...
  3. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    i'll give you guys my friend code too... 5241-1928-6738 i'll add you guys later.
  4. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    i 2-star'd 100cc star cup, even though i got the full 40 pts... i guess you really have to win every race with a sizable lead... i was really close on maka wuhu because of shells, including one blue one...
  5. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    powered through 50cc of MK7 and 3-star'd all of them... just getting started on 100cc...
  6. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    agreed 100%... still one of my favorite mario games of all time. i have it on wii vc, but it just didn't feel the same... as for must-have games for 3ds, super mario 3d land and mario kart 7 (out dec 4) are for sure, no questions asked... pokemon rumble blast and ocarina of time 3d are nice to have...
  7. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    you didn't play the special worlds? man, you're missing out... some of the toughest levels in the game, for sure...
  8. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    up to world 7 now on 3d land... decided to make more progress on the game now because of captain bob... that and i want to try playing through it as luigi...
  9. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    is it just me, or are everybody getting more tags now that mario 3d land is out?...
  10. Official Nintendo 3DS Thread

    mind if i jump in?... anybody here plays pokemon rumble blast? i need more people to tag... and not one that's crazy overpowered like the one i tagged yesterday...
  11. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I agree that Leathers lack communication at times, but other than that, he's solid. Communication will come as they play together more, now that it looks like we finally have some stability in the back and goal.
  12. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    You forgot Leathers... He's about as solid on the left side as you can get... ...why do I suddenly get the feeling Soehn is going to try Boxall on the right side one of these games?
  13. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    forget jarju, i can live with him struggling to find his feet in this league for the rest of the season... he's shown some promises in his first few caps, so i'm not writing him off yet... the one thing i'm confused about is why does soehn insist on playing vagenas in central midfield? my understanding was that thorrington there would've been better? not that it matters anymore for now... can't wait till rennie takes over... i'm pretty sure he'll be able to use his players effectively, unlike soehn...