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  1. Added that, all except for Read are going into their last years of their respective contracts. I can retain depending on what is coming back my way. I'll be looking to get younger players/picks back.
  2. At this time, the following players are now available. James Neal - 1RW Joel Armia - 3RW Bryan Little - 3C Matt Read - 3LW
  3. Good series @DoughtysCheck Central is just too strong of a division still.
  4. All this useless posting making me think there was sims
  5. Nashville will be standing pat this upcoming deadline as there are no moves we wish to make to alter the chemistry our team currently has, as well as sacrificing the youth we currently have and our picks.
  6. This team wtf
  7. Very nice to see Nashville be so consistent so far this season. Hopefully things stay the same down the stretch here and into the playoffs.
  8. Very happy with the progression of Tapio and Magnusson. I did not expect Magnusson to be a PPG player in the AHL in his first season after seeing he was a 6.5C
  9. Couldn't of had a better set of sims
  10. Couldn't of had a worse set of sims
  11. Adam Musil as replacement then I guess
  12. Brooks Laich Kale Kossila Brayden Coburn Matt O'Connor Zachary Sawchenko Keith Kinkaid Taylor Leier Brett Kulak Dmitry Sokolov Fredrik Claesson
  13. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.