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  1. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Unlucky. Overall I thought we had a good season. Faltered at the end of the year and into the playoffs. Lots of key players to re-sign this off season and need to bolster the defence a bit more
  2. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  3. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  4. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  5. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    So surprised how well we have done this season so far
  6. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Detroit is looking for a borderline 1C/2C. Prospects, picks available.
  7. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    Team doing very well early on. Might need to upgrade the defence more but it has faired well enough
  8. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

    hell yea
  9. [SIM] RGMG 5.0

  10. [SIM} RGMG 5.0 Sign Up

    Detroit Red Wings Nikolas Ehlers - Joe Thornton - Tyler Toffoli Tomas Hertl - Bryan Little - Brendan Gallagher Jason Zucker - Vincent Trocheck - Sam Reinhart Ryan Dzingel - Nate Thompson - Craig Smith EX: Brett Ritchie, Phil De whatever, Logan Shaw Jakob Chychurn - Michael Stone John Merill - Brandon Carlo Dan Girardi - Ville Pokka John Gibson Darcy Kuemper I'll be looking to trade a couple forwards off for defencemen as our depth on forward is pretty solid overall but our defense is something to be desired still. Possible players available are Tyler Toffoli, Brendan Gallagher, Jason Zucker, Craig Smith, Brett Ritchie, and so forth. The only forwards untouchable are Ehlers, Little, and Hertl.
  11. [RGMG: The Sim 5.0] Team Draft

    Detroit Red Wings @Blue Jay 22
  12. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    So who won pool B? Was really close
  13. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    I honestly thought I'd be near the bottom with the team I drafted. Kostin has been an absolute gem. Shame I lost 3 players today but the rest are on Canada so I'm still in a decent position
  14. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Conor Timmins
  15. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    kinda late but German Rubtsov for first repick