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  1. Yan Trumble
  2. Garett Charbonneau for my other pick
  3. I already took him. Tigs just called him Micahel Frolik for whatever reason @Tigs
  4. Sylvain Labarre @Ilya Kovalchuk.
  5. that draft lottery tho hapns
  6. First time missing playoffs in 4.0.. Absolutely devastated. I really thought we'd compete this season but it's like the entire team gave up..
  7. Sad day in Winnipeg..
  8. And zfetch thought his tank strats were good.
  9. rgmg 5 will sim at a real NHL pace
  10. rgmg 5 will be a top-selling anime
  11. Just give me last place in the league already..
  12. smh can I tank harder please thanks
  13. Vote Stamkos Almost forgot I should probably do that
  14. Ok with that I am content with the Stamkos lynching.