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  1. I wanna be apart of the bad tier in the west :/
  2. last remaining player I am actively shopping is Markstrom. Again, has been pretty good on my $&!#ty roster.
  3. keep losing
  4. Magnusson and Svechnikov both definitely ready for the jump next season by the looks of it. What a steal for a 6.5C
  5. Stop getting points you idiots
  6. Markstrom and Petry still available. Markstrom has played well on my crappy team
  7. Nashville sends down Marcus Ersson
  8. Jeff Petry available for a pick and an awful replacement Muzzin available for a 2021 1st and replacement (He is having a massive down year)
  9. With Hayes gone, it's hardly begun. Already several more trades confirmed in Nashville. Massive changes incoming.
  10. At this point, we had a great start but I kind of expected to begin falling from a playoff spot. While we're still in one, I've decide to continue the retool. OTB are: Eakin - 2C-3C Muzzin - 2nd pairing D Vesey - top 6 RW Petry - Bottom to middle pairing D Komarov - Bottom 6 winger Markstrom - Starting Goalie Hayes - Bottom 6 winger McGinn - Bottom 6 Winger Also available but unlikely to be moved: Josi Forsberg Ellis im looking for $&!#ty replacements for said players, 2021 picks, and prospects for players like Eakins, Josi, Forsberg,Vesey etc. if there is no 2021 pick(s) don't bother offering
  11. Starting to fall off that cliff. Nice
  12. Only one win, and it was 9-2. Other than that, bad sim for Nashville.
  13. Off to a much better start than I thought thanks to Markstrom.