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  1. I'm a Sen well rip me never going to win anything now
  2. Donny a project 1st rounder? i dunno..
  3. RIP Donny
  4. change of plans, Winnipeg will buyout Enstrom
  5. can't tell if did good or bad, but i'll assume good
  6. Huge trade to kick off things in Winnipeg. We're very happy to have acquired Goligoski to help solidify the depth of our blueline, and add a prospect in Merkley who definitely has potential to be a top-6 forward down the line. ... But our biggest need was that of an Elite goaltender NOW and not hoping that Hellebuyck could be that for us. Seeing the chance at getting Rask was just too good to pass up, and while the price was a little more than we'd really like to give up for a goalie, someone of Rask's calibre isn't on the block too often so we couldn't give away this chance. Connor and Roslovic will likely be huge pieces for Boston down the road but we had the young forward depth to sacrifice them for a current organizational need. As of now, the Jets will be looking to mainly alter their offense, picks and prospects are still readily available, as we'll be looking to deal Little, and Burmistrov as the main pieces, and are looking to revamp our bottom-six, as well as acquire a more complete 2C.
  7. Compliance Buyout: Not Using Re-negotiation: Dustin Byfuglien Protected Players: - Jack Roslovic - Nic Petan - Marko Dano - Brendan Lemieux - Eric Comrie - Jansen Harkins - Logan Stanley Ehlers - Schiefele - Laine Connor - Little - Wheeler Lowry - Perreault - Burmistrov Armia - Matthias - Thorburn Stafford Myers - Byfuglien Trouba - Enstrom Morrissey - Postma Chariot Stuart Hellebuyck Hutchinson Anyone that is BOLDED RED is currently OTB. I'm looking to upgrade my 2C, and get natural wingers that better fit the bottom-six for Burmistrov, Armia, etc. Hellebuyck is available but will likely be dealt tonight as I'm currently in negotiations for him, but am still listening on other offers. Will to throw all picks out this year, next year, as well as some of my prospects depending on what is offered.
  8. Connor Hellebuyck available for defensive prospect(s) or a roster D. already have multiple offers for him and one frontrunner. Expect to have him traded by tonight
  9. In
  10. Winnipeg Jets
  11. Cal McClaren
  12. Still taking on bad contracts for 2021 1sts. Lots of cap room to take them on. also looking to trade Vesey and Tapio still