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  1. Likely players that are signing from overseas
  2. Winnipeg Jets ELC Slides: Knut Forsell Erik Aterius @Tylez @Patrick Kane
  3. Very sad that I had to trade Dustin Byfuglien, but with the Jets up tight against the cap ceiling, it was a trade that needed to happen. This gave us some assets to work with. I thank Nail for being patient as we tried to explore other options than trading Byfuglien but in the end we couldn't get the result we wanted.
  4. The only two I really don't like at all is Moj and Pratt. Jake isn't too bad and gets a lot of flak but I actually don't mind him at all, especially because half of the time he's mocking Pratt. As for the selections, I guess it would probably be either Taylor or Bmac. I guess I'll go with Talyor tho just for the sake of picking one
  5. Also still listening on Byfuglien. Offers have not been satisfactory.
  6. In the initial Rask trade. Also I select Alvin Dubas
  7. pick 62 is mine, not Boston's
  8. Goligoski is available for a 3rd next year. Played bottom pair LD all year, and on my top line PP. Was a force in our Stanley Cup run
  9. Anton Jensen
  10. At this time. the Winnipeg Jets are putting both Dustin Byfuglien and Alex Goligoski on the block We're not sure what we'd want for Goligoski so we'll be fielding offers for him and see where his value sits. For Byfuglien, we'd want a lesser defensive replacement (RD), and a prospect/pick (depending on what, could cost both)
  11. On a more serious note. First off, congratulations to @MikeyBoy44 for a great series and bringing the Washington Capitals all the way to the finals. It was a tough battle for both of us as both our divisions were absolutely brutal to come out on top in. It sucks that one of us had to come out the loser here. I can't believe through all the losing, and the 1st round exits of previous seasons in RGMG (This was only our 2nd time making it to round 2 lol) that we'd actually win the cup this season. All four teams were superior to us in my opinion, having to go through Minnesota who I didn't really think we matched well against, Chicago and their lethal offense this season, Colorado and Varlamov and Washington with Holtby, and yet we managed to fight our way through every series thanks to our offensive contributions from all four lines this year, and especially both Laine and Ehlers, who definitely led the offensive front all the way to our cup victory. Over the last couple seasons, we had to do a lot of rework to our bottom-6 and a bit to our defense. Some things came as a surprise such as Ehlers PPG performance, and Morrissey being able to withstand playing top-pairing, and on the other side, Rask not being as solid as we'd hoped so far, and the bottom-6 while producing offensively, being on the ice for a majority of our goals against. Now we have a lot of work this off-season to take care of, and quite a few moves will be made I'm sure. Will look forward to competing again for another cup next season, but I felt that this WAS the year we needed to be our strongest and win the cup, and amazingly we did.
  12. ....epic
  13. Well, we've offensively fought our way through 3 series... Amazing series @Baer.. I thought Varly would've had me. Offense has been the key to us making it this far no doubt. One more test and it's probably our hardest in Holtby. Will be fun to go against @MikeyBoy44. Best of luck bud.
  14. yea
  15. Extremely excited to see our team take out the best team in the league this season. Good series @Patrick Kane, it's a shame it couldn't have been closer. Going against Colorado now. Will be the toughest matchup yet as we have not done well against Colorado all season long. Will be looking forward to my first conference finals as an RGMG GM after many playoff appearances.