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  1. Are the Flyers good or naw?
  2. I regret not putting anything into speed and acceleration
  3. Sick. Cyr officially a backup goalie. Reached my potential
  4. If you look again, you had 3 images in your spoilerbox for that season. 1 was AHL, the other 2 were NHL.
  5. Well atleast I have two Calder Championships to my name.
  6. 2 games in the AHL reg season, and then I play the entire playoffs for the AHL. Nice.
  7. Killed by SK. Just like old times.
  8. Does Aladeen still lead the lynch with under 2 hours to go? lol
  9. Sure, I guess you forgot Dral, #Nucks, Aladeen and 221 have been playing this round too.
  10. Vote Master Radishes
  11. At this moment for myself. I think MR is definitely my biggest target. I'd consider BJ as well but I'm not really confident about that one. I'd say DM too, but most people seem to think otherwise so I won't really push the bill right now on that one. I've considered Zfetch but I feel that waiting a round on him as well may be ideal.
  12. If you're talking about Aladeen basically throwing in the towel.. He didn't really. You're trying to justify killing a potential TP special through lynch which is absolutely ridiculous
  13. Questionable judgement is an understatement lol. It'd be outright idiotic.
  14. CIHK depth chart?