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  1. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

  2. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Won a game :[
  3. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    2 out of a possible 8 points won today. Unacceptable getting those 2 points. Team should know its place at the bottom of the league.
  4. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Happy to be rightfully in the basement of RGMG now.
  5. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    I don't know about that. I seem to be exactly where I should be.
  6. CDC Create a Player

    Hi. It's cause we're on the same line. You lifted me to 101 points.
  7. CDC Create a Player

    Nice. Didn't win the cup this year but took home enough hardware so it's all gud.
  8. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

     Of course I suck during the $&!# draft year when I actually have my picks. Always fun times in Columbus.  
  9. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    The Columbus Blue Jackets will be fielding offers for Evander Kane and Rasmus Ristolainen. Ristolainen is having a poor season by his standards but is still extremely young. If he is going anywhere, the offer is to be a top-prospect, a 1st and a lesser replacement defenseman. Among other names available are Brayden Schenn, Travis Zajac, and any of our bottom six.
  10. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Such a great start to the season. Much better than last /s.
  11. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Just shows that there is still lots of interest three seasons in. Now sims pls.
  12. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    Nice. Continuing to have no finish in our games is great.
  13. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

  14. CDC Create a Player

    Nice. Won the cup and Conn Smythe and had a great season.
  15. RGMG 2.0 | SEASON 3

    my team is srsly so bad.