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  1. In fosho
  2. RGMG in 2017 :laughingorange:
  3. Honestly. Despite DeMarcus playing for like 1/3 of the NHL, he had a pretty aight career.
  4. Hall of Fame
  5. DeMarcus like screw retirement
  6. Damn
  7. mfw I had my career year at the young age of 34.
  8. I can't believe I got signed to a contender and won the cup. All is well.
  9. Been to Boston, Carolina, Detroit, LA, Dallas, Buffalo, Arizona, and Calgary. Still lots of time for many more destinations. This is all I get to say about DeMarcus' career. Never been on a true contender tbh i must be $&!#
  10. Whatever is the best contender please for the love of god can i get traded
  11. I'll go to Boston as I expect they're the best option given they just won the cup.
  12. Who is interested in DeMarcus that is a contender
  13. I think I'll be an FA then so that's fine, thanks
  14. What teams are interested in DeMarcus