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  1. JRPG, so you're saying you're a weeb
  2. Why did you change your name
  3. back to another bottom 3 finish this year!
  4. Well, scoring is good at least?
  5. At this time. The Winnipeg Jets have decided to go in a different direction. While we might not be able to deal said players because cap and the lack of what we want, we'll still put their names out there. The follow players are available to be acquired: Mark Schiefele Jacob Trouba Josh Morrissey All are available for high-end prospects, preferably D prospects. I am not taking quantity, I only want quality. I don't care about 8.0s and the such. I also am not targeting 1st RD picks either, and if you offer I will see little value in them. For each player available I expect a prospect in return that will be able to play the same position, and is of considerable value. Don't waste my time if you're offering quantity.
  6. Well atleast I have the top 2 prospects but Cyr is still gonna get smacked
  7. someone tos a thicc D
  8. Elias Pettersson @Herberts Vasiljevs
  9. Rotenberg is available, along with prospects and picks for a defenseman.
  10. Lassi Honka
  11. Since I've acquired Detroits pick, I select Alex Selin
  12. Murray, Anders
  13. Looking to trade up pick 32. Will add in next year's 2nd as well
  14. Looking to package Rotenberg, 8th overall pick, and perhaps other assets for a high-end defender. Doesn't need to include Rotenberg but he is the roster player I am making available. Could also include Vaananen, other picks, and prospects
  15. Shaun Ferland