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  1. If you're a founder of CDC and "greatly respected", how come you keep getting locked?


  2. Hey bud,

    I stayed in Independence for a night. Quiet little town!

  3. Hey, I saw you post that you were in Kansas.. Where in Kansas were you at?

  4. Hahah, coincidence indeed!

    Juice is moving, looks like he'll be staying!

  5. So, any more complaints about the calls?

    P.S- The "60% icing" thing was a weak argument.

  6. Screw off, f**kin troll.

    Classless like your media.

  7. I tried starting that trend a while ago.

    People don't like it.

  8. Haha, thanks!

    It was the keen eye of avelanch, and I knew I had to have it. =P

    Thank goodness for typos!

  9. your sig made me lol. :D

  10. Great post about AV, bud.

    Good read, thanks.

  11. My bad on the rule decoding.

    Thanks for the heads up.