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  1. If you're a founder of CDC and "greatly respected", how come you keep getting locked?


  2. Hey bud,

    I stayed in Independence for a night. Quiet little town!

  3. Hey, I saw you post that you were in Kansas.. Where in Kansas were you at?

  4. Hahah, coincidence indeed!

    Juice is moving, looks like he'll be staying!

  5. what a coincidence haha.

  6. So, any more complaints about the calls?

    P.S- The "60% icing" thing was a weak argument.

  7. Screw off, f**kin troll.

    Classless like your media.

  8. I tried starting that trend a while ago.

    People don't like it.

  9. Haha, thanks!

    It was the keen eye of avelanch, and I knew I had to have it. =P

    Thank goodness for typos!

  10. your sig made me lol. :D

  11. Great post about AV, bud.

    Good read, thanks.

  12. My bad on the rule decoding.

    Thanks for the heads up.