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  1. Hmmm Maybe I'm splitting hairs? But your $6.66 or $7 mill projections, also in this thread, are more than marginal in my math. Just my math tho... I was actually on board with 6 x $7mill. Engaging with your for the fun of it; I am starting to see the argument he might be worth more? Nah, I'll stick with 6 x $7mill. I had that 3 and 6 months ago.
  2. I think that's true, but stretching it. Few have Jakes speed. Pod is way more intense. Stops, starts hard in the other direction to pursue the puck. Agility. Crushing hard turns? Never leaves his check, dogs them voraciously. His ability to skate, a part that does not include sheer speed, is a part of that. The aerobic capacity to play at that intensity! Jake turns wide, and tries to use his speed to catch up. Fly by's. As much as he is more fit than CDC is giving him credit for? You simply cannot be among the leagues fastest skaters without? He does not, is my projection, however keep up with Pod in any battle drill from the slot, to the corner, and back, with or without the puck. That's part of skating, part of fitness too...
  3. The numbers are not comparable though. 19 minutes versus 15 a night substantially & higher points per game. Top line versus 2knd line player. A 2knd line player will play more defensive minutes = natural. Not an argument why he would be worth the same $'s.
  4. RW Voracek 66 points and 18 minutes 40 seconds a game last year. RW Konecny 49 points and 15 minutes 16 seconds a game last year. Define top line winger however you like. Its not the best argument I have ever heard? Look, 49 points for a second line winger is fantastic. It suggests Konecny will be a top line winger in the not too distant future. Part of his pay is potential. Voracek on the other hand; his 0.85 pts / game and 18;40 TOI is actually just a hair under Boeser's performance. 0.85 Pts/game & actually more ice time & goals in less games. Again, asterisk being # of games played. This particular series of comparables, if anything suggests, because there is potential there, might be worth what Voracek is getting paid; $8.25 mill? The highs of 82 & 85 points Voracek has, are well within Boeser's potential IMO.
  5. Fun fact; Konecny was the draft selection directly after Brock Boesr; #24th overall in 2015. Konecny might be comparable if he starts getting top line minutes? Which is in his upside. He adds a ton of speed & agility. But for the moment his minutes, production and impact are much lower. If anything, this signing fuels value for Boeser. Who of course also has more upside to be untapped. Only looks good for when you compare total points, ignore that it was over almost 100 games extra. The bigger contract should go to the better player to date, not the one who has simply played more games.
  6. Meier = 4 x $6 mill. Big difference from 4 x over $7 mill.
  7. Gaudette, or Miller picking up pivot shifts? We need a 3rd C driving offense.
  8. Yeesh. Still need to see Sir Paul. He's coming November! Still need to see Mick & Keith. I missed out on them a few years back. They cancelled a show because Mick's wife passed away the day before a show. I moved before the make up engagement. Never saw Van Morrison. Never caught the Who, Daltrey & Townsend, nor Led Zepplin's Paige. I have seen everyone else on the list; many in the last ten years including Ray Davies (Kinks), Carole King, Robert Plant, Joni Mitchell. Deborah Harry (with Cyndy Lauper), Elton John just last year (seen him many times ), Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young, Jackson Browne who was absolute magic, Bruce Springsteen last year & Billy Joel. Seen a few of the others Rod Stewart, Erik Clapton, I would add Dire Straights, Pink Floyd, Don Henley all many ears ago. And I hope to see Bryan Ferry, another of my hero's. Never saw Rick Okasek or the Cars!
  9. $6.5mill over 3 years? Any precedent or comparable?? 3 year deal = haircut. Not styled for life...
  10. Look at the same point in a different way? (It was a good point.) Benning says he does not negotiate in public? But it should be clear to everyone, exactly what he valued Brock at by how much he has left over after signing those UFA's. I was as surprised as anyone when we added Ferland. But it set the bar. Add to it, they have stated publicly, they are willing to go into LTIR to make a deal. So willing to work on the budget, a bit, that is publicly set; $7 mill a year or just under. Not uncoincidentally enough? Its been reported he offered, and Brock knocked back exactly that $7 mill!
  11. Any one player? Probably no pure fit. For example, would we take on Patrick Kane? A top 2 player in the league the last 5 years. Even IF we said no, odd's are Boeser never becomes the player PK was. I'd be happy, extatic, if he was close... Kirby Dach, 3rd overall pick? On an ELC? Ryan O'Reilly is better now, still in his prime, than Boeser is ever likely to be? Tarasenko, is probably the single best example in the NHL of what Boeser will become? Or we hope occurs... I know Toronto & Edmonton fans that would not think Boeser should command Parayko. And it might actually be the bar? Back to Chicago, not saying I would trade Boeser for Adam Boqvist? But I bet in 2 years it will be a valid discussion. How about a package? FTR, I'm not in a trade Brock camp, nor frustrated that he has not signed. I'm patient. Just having fun with the conversation...
  12. Yes Chara was more important. But he was making $7.5 mill in 2006. That's $11 or $13 mill in todays money. You only have one sense of scale. Hedman signed a $65 mill contract 2 years ago. That's $76 mill this year, and was considered a reasonable, even discounted S Florida, no tax deal. Its a lot of money for Spurgeon. But not THAT lotta money. Josh Morrisey, a bit bigger, but similar, less accomplished, same kind of upside 2 way D? Just signed for $6.5 mill. Its the reality of a contract for a top pairing D. Its obvious you don't watch Minny. The guy is superb. He would have been top pair for us each of the last 5 years with Edler, if we had had him... Minny have a good top 4, who put up 200 points a season. Vancouver has been hovering around 135 points as a poor defensive squad, for example. He has been logging big minutes for many years. Its what a top pair defender gets paid. Just term considering he's 29 is a risk.
  13. Rafferty is entering his draft plus 7 year. If he makes it, I will be surprised. The definition of a late bloomer. He was not good enough for the USHL until he was 20, his draft plus 3 year. The NCAA till 21 draft plus 4. Everything learned, and earned, not a blue chip talent. As amazing as Burrows even playing an NHL game if he makes it. My take is that effort, the knack for developing is a work rate, signed to give maturity and his PMD play style to our Comets team. Without having to use an AHL vet roster spot. But Green was quoted 2 days ago as Rafferty among the surprises so far? Me being a doubter wont limit him with Green & Benning.
  14. Chicago is about a 6 hour drive, St Louis maybe 7 and Winnipeg 8 or 9. Burnsville is S of Minneapolis.