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  1. You are proposing signing Toffoli, trading Boeser? Just for arguments sake, Toffoli's career year in 2015 is the only one on par with ay of Boeser's three years production wise? i realize there are intangibles of game style advantages to Tofu. It is my belief that Green is working on these with Brock, just as Sutter drilled into TT. Presuming the proposal is designed to accomplish asset management?
  2. Somebody ought to Sanitize those sticks.
  3. This could start of the next new & improved Vancouver rebuild? Shogun Jake in Japananese Karuizawa style! Has a good ring to it. Anyone care to meme...
  4. Things will escalate. In Italy, someone who has tested positive for coronavirus? Caught outside faces 5 years in jail. The army enforced lock down in China. People are not being allowed to leave cruise ships here in Australia, In spite of / actually because of the fact there were positive cases on board. The ship argued they needed medical treatment. Did not matter. They presumed the 2700 on board had potential to impact 10,000 or more in the case of weeks. After one cruise ship was allowed to disembark last week in the single biggest contributor to Australian cases. As cases become known in various area's. They will be locked down. You will be locked down when it circulates in your neighborhood. Bet on it. Penalties will get more severe.
  5. Here in Australia, its been 7 or 9 days since mandatory quarantine on re-arrival in the Country came in to play. They have hired 500 extra police in one state. Specifically to police compliance. Included, you sign in with Faace time as you clear customs. These officers are dace timing all returnee's, to see if they are at home. If they dont answer? They go visit. Fines are tens of thousands. Someone told me, a complete lockdown, in China, they jusst shot people in the streets?
  6. Coolest thing about it is a super competitive 1st round. Play teams at your same calibre. Reward of a possible bye, or get to lose a round and stay in it if you are a top 4 team. Do or die for teams 5 thru 8.
  7. My media skills are bad. That was supposed to be a video about snorting pepper. Funny topic. I made u a good offer for Kuzzy...
  8. Its a function of not having RHD prospects to elevate on ELC's. So we got Myer as a UFA. I almost never go backwards, i liked the deal at the time. We traded the pick that became Rasmus Andersson (If I'm not mistaken) for Baertschi. But the point is you still need to draft RHD, and often enough you nail it. Because all will not hit! Hughes wont be on $7 mill next year yet. And if it is 2021/22, who says that Edler, near 35, and no longer collecting PP points will command $6 mill? Mind you, Hughes will command more... If we carry 8 D on a 23 man roster? Benning's preferred configuration. 34.78% of the cap should be D. Or $28.34 mill. So $30 is not over by much. And if u are to spend overspend? Competent RHD are the rarest & hardest to fill slots in the NHL. Its not perfect. Just what it is.
  9. In Aussie Rules they have an interesting system. Head to head with top 4 teams, winner gets a Bye. Its an 8 team play off. Teams 5 thru 8 also play sudden death in round one. Winner playing losers from top 4 in 2knd round. Here is an adaptation for our application with 8 per conference. 1st round single game. 2knd round best of 3. 3rd round best of 5. Semi Final & Grand Final (Stanley Cup) best of 7. 1st round single game 1 Carolina versus 4 NYR, winner gets a bye (lets assume Carolina wins ) 2 Boston versus 3 Florida, winner gets a bye (lets assume Boston wins ) 5 Detroit versus 8 CBJ, loser is out (meh, I tip to win Salter ) 6 Islanders versus 7 Philly, loser is out (Going with a Philly win here ) 2knd Round best of 3 Detroit versus Florida I'm tipping Florida NYR versus Philly I'm tipping, against good judgement, NYR 3rd round best of 5 Carolins versus NYR Tipping Master Mind again Boston versus Florida Florida stands NO chance! Eastern Final best of 7 Boston versus NYR Too bad MM traded Malkin, Boston wins in 4, Crosby series MVP Stanley Cup best of 7 Boston versus @thejazz97 who beat @Watermelons in the West final. Winner the Silver Surfer 66!