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  1. According to who? There is no pressure. They can make a move if it makes sense. This is their need to re-sign list above. A backup goalie also needs to be sourced. And they have $10,758,001 to sign / replace these 5 players + a goalie? Of these, maybe, Khaira needs a raise? Yamamoto, Benson, Marody, Bouchard & Caleb Jones are players in their system that, debatably are due promotion. Maybe Kailer would be better served marinating? The highest cap hit among belongs to Marody at $925,000. They have nearly $5 mill either for a goalie? Or a backup goalie and more likely some veteran help. Its not a great deal of money, but its nothing where they have a gun to their head...
  2. I have read Detroit is happy with Bowey. Honka in Dallas could be a buy low candidate?
  3. I suppose I should know this, how does the first round work? I'm 23rd as the highest amount of reg season points knocked out 1st round?
  4. Jumped over 'em in the semi? Good game of footy tonight, I'm back home, my adopted home, in Perth this weekend. Watched a game in the new stadium. This 6' kid took a hanger on a 7 footer tonight... Looking for plays like this from Pastrnak and ?, Couture in the finals... I love spor!
  5. You were talking with your buddy last November about our hockey systems. And the two of you decided it would be best to fire Green?
  6. I'm not fazed by whether a guy will be ready next year. He might be the best athlete in the draft? So yeah he could be ''ready?'' And I think he would be a great pick. You also have to factor slick puck skills, the ability to make plays, bury shots. I have Turcotte and Zegras ahead of him. Not as big, but extremely agile & add more of those skills that score goals. Cannot make up my mind, him (Cozens), Boldy or Caufield? Suspect the choice will be made for us. We'll be very happy with what we get, regardless! edit, forgot response > I am more concerned with who might score 30 or 40 goals, 60 or 70 points 4 years from now. Than who might play and score 30 points this year.
  7. Correct, Boeser played two full years college after being drafted, then arrived in Vancouver. He was four months older than Podz will be when drafted. It could be argued Boeser could have come out after his freshman year. Fun conversation, Quinn Hughes, was one of the oldest players his draft year. Born a month earlier, he would have been eligible for the 2017 draft. How high would he have been drafted?? Just two weeks earlier, Button had him 3rd overall. Yes, he dipped after not dropping big points at the WJC U18's. But he's one of the youngest players in the draft. And being in consideration for top 3, he's not even 18 yet, is amazing. Yeah, Button seemed to trade some positions around post WJCU18. But it really should not change that drastically.
  8. All true. As is the likelihood that he would have continued to put up with it? If he were still being paid $8 or $9 mill per season.
  9. Wowee! First thought is great move by the Sabres! @SabreFan1
  10. Its a funny old draft. I think Pod's is a lock down, dead set top 6 forward. But I'm not convinced he has big upside. 14 was sorta the line where there are guys with upside, more upside, still available (there are!)? But unlike Podkolzin could be in that need to learn how to play defence, or figure other things out, if they don't reach that potential. I like @ActionJax09 pick just before me. I'm kinda glad he took York, because positionally I don't need defence as much. But he falls in a category where I am pretty sure he's a dead set NHL player. And he has upside. I was going to take him.