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  1. That an opinion. Sautner is 26. If he had the ability to handle the puck at the NHL level he would be here by now. I disagree there. A case could be made for Brisebois. I respect that. If Edler were out & they wanted someone to kill penalties & take D zone shifts against jamie Benn I could see it. But in most circumstances, its only my opinion, they would call on Olli?
  2. Defense is a funny position! In most positions, in most sports? The elite of elite athletes always have an upper hand. Hughes has agility, dexterity, speed AND skill Guys cannot guard or breakaway from him. He also gets to pucks soooo fast. He has more time to make plays. Quinn also has the IT factor! Understands what to do even when he is under pressure. But remove even a fraction of a second. Defense make more of their plays under duress than in almost any sport. Often with their back to the open ice where they have to make a pass? Brett Hedican was a magnificent athlete. He was a so so NHL player most of his career! Gudbrandson had plenty of speed and strength. Tools that had scouts drooling. But could not seem to make the right play under pressure to save his life? People will hate this next comparison! Luc Bourdon was a more exciting athlete than Alex Edler. Who passed Luc in his first training camp & made the Canucks sooner. And he had a great career in spite of not being as gifted. Could not get to a puck battle as fast as any of these mentioned here. Alex was calmer with the puck. AV and any good hockey coach will pick that right away. Green sits Benn in favor of Fantenburg. Despite only one, not Fantenburg, punishing guys in front of the net. Oskar Fantenburg gets the puck out much more reliably. Composure, the knack for making those plays does not register at the draft combine. That is the IT factor. Tanev is in that same conversation. He also lacked the refined athletic prowess at 19. Took a year or two to even gain that ability at college. But had the sense of compete that had him work hard enough to gain the physical prowess & catch up. Juolevi has IT with the puck. But was having trouble, did not have the strength or endurance to handle AHL forwards when he arrived. But if he has found maturity on the training track, in the weight room, in his work rate? Juolevi could be a dangerous player! I still remember him springing Marner & Laine for stertch passes at 17 with checkers breathing down his neck///
  3. I have Olli 5th on the depth chart for LHD. Hughes Edler Fantenburg Benn Juolevi And Olli is absolutely better with the puck than Benn. Its really not a stretch to say anyone could get injured >> then he would be a good card to play!
  4. I have a feeling, just a feeling... We'll see Olli Juolevi #48 play a game. Maybe 3? This play in & play off year!
  5. LOL, you guys do have that well documented constitutional right to bear arms. Apparently also to play Russian roulette without being smart enough to realize that is what is going on? Makes getting back to hockey harder.
  6. My Favorite line; "The new phonebook is here!'',,,,
  7. There was a religious leader in one of the 3rd world countries trumpeting this outlook. Held rallies in February & March against attempts to lock down & distance. Encouraging people to be together? Heal & prey! They would be ''protected through prayer?'' He was of course dead by April. The virus got him & was a substantial contributor to outbreak. He did of course believe in the afterlife? There is that...
  8. Well? Some GM's seemed to know play ins were coming in the regular season! They were already sitting guys to get healthy. Each of the last 3 years...
  9. As soon as someone with direct contact with a player tests positive things shut down quickly. And as you say later? The players have not been in a safety bubble. There will be players & staff consistent with the general public. Test positive... It takes 2 or 3 weeks for the community transmissions to fully surface. The illness to run its course. Your math is out of context. In America 5% of the population has tested positive. Over 120,000 people dead having already been hit by a bus so to speak... Depending on where, 0.5 to 5% of confirmed cases die.
  10. Consensus opinion is we need to sign Marky & Toffoli. To which I disagree. Do admit if we could trade Boeser for a plumb young RHD. The asset management equation in a perfect world? And sign Marky & Toffu to sweetheart deals it would be great. But it is a lot of unlikely parts to expect come together. Its not that I totally disagree. Its a dreamers dream! And an equation burdened significantly by the cap confusion called Covid. I think you raise a good question. I don't believe also in the much bandied trade of Boeser for Dumba. We get Dumba for 2 or 3 years, then he's UFA. We can have Boeser for a career. How many other young top pair RHD are out there... I have another question? I am not sure signing Marky & Toffu, without a Dumba while letting Tanev bolt would do us any good? Our already porous defense would look shocking letting Tanev walk. It could signal exciting, all guns blazing. An offensive fire wagon brand of hockey. But it has been since the 80's, since a team could ignore their defense & win a cup. So maybe we should think hard about letting the dust settle for a year, maybe 2?