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  1. CDC passed on sad news this morning. Here comes the night...
  2. Sadly, Kenny, the lead singer passed away last night. My absolute favorite growing up. RIP.
  3. Man, me and my friends used to love Streetheart growing up in the Peg. We'd play songs like One More Time for girls at parties & hope they understood? Some of them did... But one of the dumbest video's? And I used to go hang out in the Osborne Village Friday afternoons. Wait for the Zoo, the hotel club at the corner, to open up. It lit up with cigarette's that were not tobacco when the lights went out for the band to come out. They would play this first to get the crowd riled up. RIP Kenny. I enjoyed your music & it was fun for me growing up!
  4. Uh, oh! Someone sold up shop, and did a midnight runner with all the merchandise. Ain't nuttin left! A power struggle, controversy, among strong willed execs for CBJ????????
  5. Not much for Tippet? Why not...
  6. Awesome; thanx Squeak! And welcome Rasmus..,. The acquisition of Asplund, and drafting of Borgstrom and Lias Anderson gave us the depth in young pivots to trade for D man Julius Honka. We're starting to get very excited about the future!
  7. So, a Patrick Wiercioch trade is the signature move of our off-season so far? A bit anti climactic. But really, Hossa retiring aside, it has been exactly what we needed so far. We remain ready, open, and willing to do business! Open to simple or block buster deals, but only for upgrades and players on absolute top teams. We want to compete this year! Combinations of non-playoff vets, prospects & picks all on offer! Inquire anytime! Last year we had top 3 in the league goaltending point performance. Acquiring Markstrom, and having more games expected with Tristan Jarry & Zane McIntyre we expect to again be near the top of the league. Really, we could be set in net for years. We also account for one of, if not the most formidable D core in the league. On last years performance, our guys collected well over 2000 points from the back end. And we're poised for improvement. Erik Johnson is healthy and was our top D performer all 3 years prior to last. We expect Colin Miller & Alex Pietrangelo to pick up more time on the PP, De Haan simply more playing time considering their situations. The ascension and integration of Sanheim, Dyblenko & possibly Grzycyk. And it is hard not to anticipate natural progression from our young crew of blue liners Morrisey, Stecher, Hanafin & Brady Skjei. Even if one or two have a semblance of a sophomore slump? It is a dynamite D core! Up front; Zibanajed & Burakovsky both look set for much bigger roles this year. I love Jussi Jokinei in Edmonton, licking my chops! Same with Radulov in Dallas. I took a belting clearing cap space for him last summer. It looks sooooo worth it right now! Eriksson Ek is a world top 5 prospect we expect to have full time on our roster this year. And on a dangerous team. Jordan Martinook is not a big upside guy, but is comfortably established as an NHL player. Evander Kane will kill it in a contract year! There is depth clamoring for time in Jankowski, Devin Shore & Nick Baptiste. Corey Perry is showing wear but on a top team! And I have not even started on potential with Nylander! Or two of my favorite players, because they are also gritty; Robbi Fabbri. & JG Pageau! This is a forward crew with upside! It will beat the 2600 points it generated last year. We may lack a superstar or absolute top shelf first liners? But a very deep and dangerous team; Kane Zibanajed Radulov Fabbri Nylander Burakovsky Rafl JG Pageau Perry Martinook Eriksson Ek Jokinen Kruger Skjei Pietrangelo De Haan Johnson Hanafin Morrisey C Miller Stecher Rask Markstrom Prospects we expect to play at least some NHL games this year; Nicholas Baptiste, Mark Jankowski, Nick Scherback, Devin Shore, Travis Sanheim, Yaroslav Dyblenko, Petteri Lindbohm, Matt Gryzelcyk Tristan Jarry & Zane McIntyre Maybe Rob Ogara'& David Musil? In the system; Henrik Borgstrom (NHL ready, but will play college?), Yegor Korshkov, Linus Olund, Johan Sundstrom, Rickard Hugg, Andrew Aggozino, Anatoly Golyshev, Dmytro Timashov, Eetu Tuulola & Spencer Watson Filip Berglund, Macoy Erkamps, Callan Foote, Jakob Galvas, Chad Krys, Tarmo Reunanen, Filip Westerlund Callum Booth, Tyler Parsons With graduation and some trades, we probably no longer rank among top prospect teams in Puck. If we were last year? We will badly miss one of my fave's, JT Compher & also traded Christian Dvorak, Juolevi & Tyson Jost. But it is a very healthy & deep group. With as many as 12 rookies who will play this year. Eriksson Ek being our top guy, followed closely by Borgstrom, Jarry & Sanheim. A solid fundamental guy like Callan Foote. And my other favorites are dark horses, who I believe will surprise. Linus Olund was last years top SHL 5 on 5 player under 20 years old (beat Eriksson Ek), Jakub Galvas & Dyblenko. Last year my dark horse was Borgstrom, who is looking very good! I cannot wait for the season > Bring it on Puckers!
  8. We can talk about a trade, Marky for Lou? (If you are willing to retain a lil bit... )
  9. Thanks @thejazz97 & the exec team for processing! We had the luxury of depth in goaltending prospects with Tyler Parsons due on a similar timeline & upside as Fitzpatrick. Marky gives us the luxury of not over relying on how quickly Tristan Jarry, who we really like, grabs time in real life Piitsburgh? Even then we also have Zan McIntyre & Callum Booth in our prospect cupboard. This offered insurance because our starter Tuukka Rask is coming off groin surgery. Most important some extra goalie points could easily get us a more favorable first round match up? Similarly moving Wiercioch made sense. It makes room for D man Dyblenko, whom we owed some commitment as he just signed with us. We think he is a high % shot for the opening day roster in Jersey. We also anticipate rotating in rookie Travis Sanheim alot, if not full time. At times sparkplug PMD Matt Grzelcyk, 8th or 9th on Boston's depth chart. And two way D Petteri Lindbohm who we see as 7th or 8th on St Louis's depth chart. We felt Wiercioch was owed a shot somewhere.
  10. What Calgary exposed in our team, was that our D, under heavy duress, would eventually cough up the puck for a turnover, Possibly bruised, sore and a step slow from general soreness that comes from taking a consistent pasting. Resulting in high % scoring chances against. Often against the flow. It was too bad. Because, for the most part, we controlled play, controlled possession. Created more chances and in many ways, outplayed Calgary. Except for those bad turnovers resulting in easy goals. It also exposed that we were no longer dynamic at scoring goals. When we controlled possession for long stretches.
  11. We are glad you are here, virtually. Youre welcome to your world.
  12. Nice work, and truly now, welcome to the league! I look forward to what else you can accomplish? But slow down a bit. You are in our division...
  13. Woah! A surprise, but congrats on a great career!
  14. I was just looking for confirmation it is a one way deal.
  15. What I can buy in people's impatience, is the craving to see some of the speed & skill. Goldobin for example has it. I understand the urge to just let him roll it out on the fly. The problem is, it remains impatience. Guys like Goldobin may have speed and skill. But he does need to check, to win board and net front battles. To back check, fore check. Willie, Travis Green & Utica's GM have all mentioned it. Those are, in spite of cravings, absolute requirements if he & others like him are to make it in the NHL. As are components of work ethic, training habits. Guys like Boeser seems to have a more mature game, and outlook which see's him more advanced on these things. The Megna's of the world, less talent but put in the mature effort, are what we put up with, so we can force the correct development. On the guys that need to round out their game. No sense having a team of Nail Yakupov's...