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  1. Also, nice hire @Nail ! Welcome @maroe & @Watermelons
  2. I musta woke up late Thursday morn? Pardon me for being late to the party. Props to our rookie Adrian Kempe for picking up a hat trick!
  3. I want that type of hit to be punished & suggest 2 games. I'd even bet Guddy would say it was one he should not have made. By the same token, I hate when Canucks get levelled. Then no penalty or suspension occurs. I don't want to be a hypocrite. In the past I supported suspending Rome in the finals. Thought Hansen hitting Hossa was a joke of a suspension. Boarding, head shots, and definitely ratboy slew foot infractions deserve suspension.
  4. Pouliot was alright? Lots of mistakes in a 2 or 3 minute section of the first. One or two more getting their composure back. Unfortunately that was enough.
  5. Edmonton assigns D Jakub Jerabek to the West Coast Eagles. No waivers required. * Edmonton recalls D Zach Trotman * @canuck2xtremewe have asked this question before; Jerabek shows on our spreadsheet as requiring waivers? The CBA suggests a 26 year old with less than 50 games remains waiver exempt. Until he turns 27 or plays 50 games. Jerabek was born in May '91 and does not have 50 games. Please process if waiver exempt as believed? Thanks as always!
  6. You are a beautiful soul @debluvscanucks
  8. It very well may be a rough year or two! Nilsson displayed some pretty good goaltending the very next game after you posted this though?
  9. Congrats to @inane for overtaking us in the division. Hopefully it is a good battle all year? He was a full 100n points behind after a few games. We aspire to get to his championship level. Also congrats to Evander Kane. Rewarding us for re-signing him with a beast like 5 goals & 5 assists in 6 games.
  10. Hi Sticks. Don't have a suggestion for work. I use NHL center ice and watch the games when I get home. I live in Melbourne, spent 12 years in Perth. Where are you?
  11. Thank You!
  12. GREAT pic!
  13. This would be correct. My understanding is he is only eligible for AHL, being drafted from the CHL, if he has already played 4 years in the CHL. Will be AHL eligible next year. And because he is already assigned to the CHL this year, can only be recalled to the NHL when their season ends. Or on an emergency basis. Believe he just gets a signing bonus & the confidence its done. But I also recall something with Stecher's pact, that even signing bonuses get paid May 1st or June 1st, something like that? However, he will be owed the signing bonus regardless of whether he ever makes it.