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  1. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Well? Having a rough week. Getting trashed by Florida & Carolina. So I thought I would do a prospect report to cheer myself up ; > Henrik Borgstrom with 4 goals / 5 points his last 2 games. Placing him 2knd in the NCAA in scoring, the top player on a possible repeat champ? > Cal Foote possibly our top D prospect, 6'4'' & 212 lbs, Cal has an outstanding 39 points in 36 games with WHL Kelowna & a solid showing at the WJC. > Not sure who is better comp for Cal? 19 YO Chad Krys 19 points in 23 NCAA games. Or 20 YO Oliver Kylington with 19 points in 35 AHL games & due an NHL call up? > Anatoly Golyshev at 21 having KHL comeback year. 29 points in 37 games playing with Tryamkin. Also had 25 KHL goals 2 years ago, next wingman with Tavares on the Isle? > Our prospect D depth is also stacked. 18 year old Jakub Galvas had a game winning goal , and game tying assist in a standout WJC tourney! At 18 in his 3rd Czech pro year! > Lucas Carlsson, Filip Westerlund & Filip Berglund, all D have embedded themselves on SHL teams. Carlsson 2knd year running top 10, 20 & under SHL player performance! > Injury replacement guy Ben Harpur already has his 20th NHL game this year! > G Tristan Jarry, we may call him graduated soon (?), is in danger of passing starter Matt Murray in wins & fantasy points this year in NHL Pittsburgh? Cheers!
  2. CDCGML 2017-18

    Thanks Mike, also Marcus! As we struggle through a rough season its fantastic maintain rapport with your vets. Continue to work towards building the team. Marcus is 26, already a 6 year NHL veteran, physical presence on our 3rd line. We're very excited to lock down this contract!
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    And compare with a clear cut BPA, who is mesmerizing, has a cannon, agile, slick...
  4. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    The scouting department at NHL clubs is fully versed on analytics. I'll have a more specific answer in a second, but also try to be fully immersed, as much as I hate him, in the way a John Tortorella would evaluate players at camp. I'm not speaking of his old school, schoolyard bullying and mind game tactics which I detest.. Battle drills to see who wins the puck! Get people out on the track to see how fit they are, skate them till they puke. Send ém back out to the track if your not happy with their fitness (Green did this with Jake) & see how they react? Then more battle drills after you clean up the ice. While your lungs and legs are burning. My point is he will measure the fitness and compete level, then watch the skill level, whether it breaks down or elevates, of the athletes under duress. Now, scouts get to watch some practices. Which is why they all attend the WJC tryout camps. But have to see through these things predominantly by watching games. But here is the three key things I see that they break down; 1) The number one overall pick 8 times out of 10 should always be the best athlete with outstanding skills. And it should be the measure of BPA and if it should apply? Last year Patrick had good speed, great skill, the best results against his peers in the three years proceeding the draft. Call that analytics? And was a big strong athlete. A candidate for #1! Hischier had dazzling speed and skills, and was unstoppable. Scouts could project his speed & agility were going to be extremely hard, if not impossible for many NHL D to match up against. That displays clearly now they are in the NHL, but was the reason Nico went first. Its also why P Kane went first. Mesmerizing agility, balance, lightning quick. Who could guard him at London? In a different example of a beast, an unstoppable athlete, it's why Ovechkin went first & Boeser later in the first round with similar shot & puck skills. One has physical prowess others cannot handle... 2) Two is skills. I mentioned Patrick Kane? Keller also scored ridiculously well here. In an example of why you consider athletes over other items, Hodgson was insanely skilled with the puck. Went what, 10th? Which may have been too high. The shot, passing, vision. He also scored very well on the third item coming up? But did not have the speed and quickness to keep pace. So you cant overvalue it. But its also where you find gems. 3) Not just skills, not just athletic abilty > how has that translated into performance against your peers in hockey games? This is career results and analytics. Hodgson was overvalued because he won, and won, at every level. And put up huge numbers, even on minor stats like face-off's. Hell was voted best defensive forward in the OHL? Guys like Erik Karlsson were missed, despite being the fastest skater in the world, because he really did not have the body of work. I mentioned gems? Usually they have the skills & athleticism, just have never had the opportunity. Look also at Shea Weber. Who had two career WHL goals and 16 or something points. Many laughed when he was picked. But they picked him watching him blast shots at practice, and watching him skate. They knew he slipped through the cracks & still invested a second. HOWEVER? If you can throw a guy on the ice, and he routinely outperforms his peers, year over year > it should give you lots of opportunity to see if he stacks up? You can, further, also observe, as Torts would, how hard a guy competes? A guy who competes harder, also may make up for some (see Horvat skating) inequity by also training harder and brining up his weak points. Where some gifted athletes, who dont seem to win, often also just don't put in the effort. If his winning puck battles & face-off's, and races to the corner seems to have way into the back of the opponents net..., (Matthew Tkachuk?) maybe the guy who just wins the analytic race is also the better bet? Analytics should be married to observations about how hard they compete, skills and athletic ability to make a real judgement. Therein lies the challenge of a scout. You have a Horvat who wins, and wins, does not appear to have quite the speed, but puts up good, not great numbers. Hodgson wins and wins, has even better numbers? Some call it the mental game. The interviews. I also believe you can revert to point one, in spite of a lack of skating with both Horvat & Hodgson. Both seemed to be liked in the increasingly popular gut feel you get from just talking to the guy. I suppose its easier if a guy is out partying, not in shape. Horvat looked like he was on steroids, his shoulders were ripped! He also was top 10 in his draft calls at the combines for aerobic fitness & at over 210 lbs. He showed off his commitment to get better in plain view, just like he did when he bulled people off the puck at face-off's. How does that essay above relate to Boqvist? Watch this video & tell me if Boqvist has the breakaway speed of Karlsson, or agility and puck skills of Kane? (Or Dahlin, or Petterson?) I stated earlier he appears to me to just be extremely clever and opportunist. But I am not sure he will breakaway from NHL speed? Or if he has a big shot? I will be watching though. A lot of scouts, who watch him a hell of a lot more, say he does. He can walk the line...
  5. I should pay attention to some minor league detail sometimes? Minny prospect Kale Clague traded to offensive powerhouse Moose Jaw in the WHL. Might spoil a tease visit in the NHL at the end of this year? But the Warriors will be filthy! Especially on D with Brook, Clague & Jett Woo. Brett Howden whom I respect & Almeida up front. I wonder how deep they will go? A good run would be great!
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I will be watching Brady carefully. He is bigger and a better athlete than Matthew. He could be a truly hard card to play against. If he looks physically like he cannot be handled (Matthew can be handled, he's just a POS), I would be taking him BPA if we're not first. After Svech who looks dynamite, too big, too fast, too skilled. But as much as we need some stiffness, which I agree. We need speed and skill on D more! We're on track for 20 goals as a D core, which will be worst or 2knd worst in the league. Even with a decent PP? I will also be watching Boqvist. To see if he can handle bigger guys. And if it is truly agility & lightning speed that cannot be stopped that see's him walking guys. My impression is that its more that he is nifty. Which could get squished by NHL defenders? However he is zeroing in on near consensus top 3 with some picking top 2. So I'll be watching. And, unfortunately hoping, they are right? But for the moment I have Svech and Tkachuk, even Zadina ahead.
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    Wow, the Edm crowd was sure into the game? (!) I suppose they had us on our heels a lot. In any case, with both teams not doing great? Good that a division rivalry means something...
  8. [Proposal] New York Islanders

    May not help them this regular season, but I'm pretty sure Heskainen leapfrogged Honka in the pre-season? And almost made the team out of camp. Could be called up for the post season once he is done in Finland? Then there is the fairly glowing issue that Hitchcock just does not like to use Honka. His development curve, once on a trajectory straight up, grinded to a halt when Hitch arrived. And I believe Honka requires next season. So will have to beat Heskainen for a spot. Further, with S Johns a RHD & as much puck skill as they hold, I doubt they will run with the mighty mouse right side of Heskainen, Klingburg & Honka. They should trade Honka now, before they get a Pouliot calibre return next September!
  9. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I thought Gillis deserved to be fired a year earlier than he did. I believe the real reason he was fired related to the sheer volume of bad contracts staring, or having been swallowed by Aqualinni. Including Lou, Booth, Ballard. The coaching salary of AV and more controversially, as rumoured to have been Aqua himself, Tortorella. Plus another handful that were buried in the AHL. In some cases to help propagate NHL deals that did not work either. Funny thing though? When he got fired, Torts aside, I thought he did a very good job in his final year. Including having a good draft & having resolved Corey Schneider.
  10. Ta! Top 10 age of 20 & under in the SHL last year and this. We picked him in GML & Puck as well... His name was also misspelled in lots of draft profiles at the time. Think something to do with the double : above the O which pronounces the same as Ohlund in the Swedish spelling of his name?
  11. Linus Olund is a draft pick of the Wild
  12. Kole Lind | RW

    Lots, I mean lots of 18 year old kids sign their NHL contract first chance they get. Get a signing bonus of $60 or $90 grand. That is a lot to a junior age player. Petterson is making, I'm guessing, someone can fill us in, $150, $200K in the SHL? Not living with a billet in the CHL, with no income. Which BTW, is why some players write clauses where they can go to Europe rather than ply their trade in the AHL? If they don't make an NHL roster after signing their ELC. He can afford to bypass a bonus up front to maximise long term earnings. Cal Foote or Nolan Foote for example, when they comes out come from a wealthy background. They will be able to afford to bypass a bonus earlier to do the same. Maybe Lind, and his family, have the position in life where they can as well?
  13. Stealth-Rebuild Is Possibly 91% Done!

    May I jump in? Civilly? I was enjoying the convo you & @IBatch were having. I was just reading from last week, and agree, probably, with the premise OJ will start in Utica next year. But I would not limit him to not making the team. I don't think you are, are you? He has the best toolkit of all our D from a scouting standpoint. Skills, track record (memorial cup, WJC champ, 3 time participant & once team WJC captain), size, speed, agility, awareness all point to him ultimately being our best defender. One day, anyway. It would not surprise me at all to see him jump two or three of our LHD next camp. At which point, all have enough street cred they could be traded without us having to expose any to waivers. And one may, in fact, be traded before then. It was & has been rumoured that Hutton & MDZ have been OTB. It could also be like Stecher; where he started in Utica but played 70 odd NHL games his rookie year. That's essentially making the team, just managing assets. I personally, not that I will be right, project Petterson & Gaudette to make the team out of the gate. A transition of Vanek (deadline) & Dowd. Dowd who may make the team again if there are injuries. But probably at least two on the IR. As if we don't sign a Evander Kane (I agree & would), we will at least have more PTO's looking to be a physical presence, desperately needed in our lineup. PTO's or Kane inclusive of one spot, there will still be room for EP & AG as most certainly there will be at least one injury. There always is! The most fun will be seeing who plays centre among Gaudette & Petterson out of the gate? Or if a Goldobin or Boucher can win that spot instead; I don't anticipate so. But it would be great if they did & our more prominent prospects can start for the Comets.I also believe Dahlen will play a healthy % of the year. And this presumes, again what I believe, that the Twins sign 1 year pacts each. Yup D is the wildcard. ATM we have depth, but not top end skill. Look? Pouliot was once very blue chip, even brings some elements never seen from Juolevi. But his development is far enough behind I would be surprised if he still elevated to a top D. ATM he is sitting games for Hutton. Gudbranson, hell do we even sre-sign Bulldog (?) and the prospect of both outgoing (MDZ, Hutton) or an incoming trades for a talented D are part of the wildcard picture. I am projecting we keep Gudbranson & Bulldog. If everyone is healthy, Juolevi starts in Utica. AND I ADVOCATE HEAVILY THE DRAFTING OF A D AGAIN EARLY THIS YEAR. My real opinion on the D is to hang on to Hutton, MDZ > hold our cards till closer to the deadline 2019? That's what I would do. Then move Edler. His contract will be expiring. On D guys like Hutton & Stecher can be our long term depth as we integrate Juolevi & someone among Boquist, Dahlin, Bouchard, Wilde or Dobson. If its the last 3 we draft, we also look at trades for top end PMD talent but invest in our defensive pipeline anyway!
  14. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Tuukka Rask; 13-0-2 in his last 15 games. Decided to give him a rest today on back to back game nights. We'll see how that works out?
  15. CDC Puck 2017/18

    @Art Vandelay needs the LA Kings lawyer who got Mike Richards contract annulled? Remind me to party with Jiri but keep him off my hockey teams, and flight attendants...