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  1. Lack of hitting one of our BIGGEST problems

    He did not get beat up that bad? 
  2. Trading Assets (Discussion/Proposal)

    Get a good young RW in a trade, say Armia, maybe its easier to let him go? My logic has always been to force our young guys to steal a spot from a vet. If we trade Vrbata and Hansen, do we go with a RW depth chart of Virtanen, Burrows Dorsett, Grenier?  I'm not sure that spot has been won yet. Or that advances our cause? We'll get as much or more for Vrbata, plus have his cap to spend in the off season. I'm happy with Vrbata and letting Hansen stay a Canuck.
  3. Trading Assets (Discussion/Proposal)

    I'd like to think Vrbata is worth more, but you may be on track value wise.  But I don't think (reasonably certain) they can fit both players cap wise.  Maybe Vrbata for a first, we include a counter balance maybe a 5th + Jensen? Or a 4th... Hamhuis is worth a fair bit. He would be the single best LHD available at the deadline.  Goligoski and Coburn would be close to comparable but I do not see them being traded by quote / unquote contenders. I don't advocate trading Hansen. He works his arse off and his speed remains a highly viable match up problem for other teams. Even when he is not with the Twins he makes us significantly more competitive. Nor do I see Hansen stealing a roster spot at 2RW from Ehlers.  My guess is Morrisey, their GM is a stooge, will not be available.  I would take Armia. I would consider packages of Poolman or Kostalek and a 2knd. They can also use Hammer. He's better than Stuart, more useful than Enstrom & much better than Chiarot and Pardy. Their left side NEEDS a boost imo. But we honestly can probably get more? The best two way LHD, bar none that will be available at the deadline as a rental???  Washington, Dallas and the Isle may be our best targets? edit spelling
  4. [Waivers] Jordan Schroeder

    He zones up and waits for a puck to pop free. Versus going headlong at high speed into any battle like, say, a Gallagher. Even worse, he's a puck handler. But he'll rotate the puck instead of challenging himself to beat his man any time pressure comes to him. It leaves him useful only in open ice?  
  5. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    I am not an advocate of trading Hamhuis at the deadline.  I can se the logic behind it.  Wont be surprised if... But we need to be confident Bartkowski, Tryamkin or Pedan can replace him? Also make sure we get a good return to burn off an excellent Canuck.  That said I just reviewed the upcoming rental market.  Hamhuis's only competition IMO as a top class LHD is Goligoski. The exercise also left me believing we might get a good RHDJuly 1.Goligoski scores more but is smaller and not really in the same league as a defensive or two way D. Nor is Dallas likely to be a seller.  I believe we would get an excellent return on Dan Hamhuis! And an even better one keeping him...
  6. [Report] Travis Hamonic on the trading block

    Johansen is a match up problem for every team he faces. A guy with the potential to be an all star 5 or 6 times in his career. Its not a serious overpayment; depending on what that major prospect is? I also readily suggest Columbus should play kiss and make up with him. Losing him will be a blow that sets them back years. Who is going to take over 1C?
  7. Buff to Van for Vrbata package

    Don't the Jets have enough young assets they could expend some, without too much damage, to go on a run this year.  If they have Poolman, they could give up Kostalek(a great prospect IMO) and a pic, say a 2knd for example? In my world a Hamhuis is a great fit for the Jets. A solid two way guy considering they have puck movers, speed, shooting and size elsewhere on D and he fits in their line up. This does not have to be a Canuck proposal. But the next best (better in some regards, but smaller and Jets have his skills elsewhere) left handed D on a non play off team is Russell in Calgary. Before the heavy game of Ladd, Little and Wheeler starts to run a bit softer or get 30 plus year old injuries. They make the Jets perfect for the play off's up front. I also believe the Jets should make a run before they give up Buff.
  8. Team Toughness

    In a distinctly different way we also miss Hutton now. The ability to move up ice and use space while scrums are taking place is missing without a D man who can handle the puck. Am I stretching here? In any case, we also want to develop Hutton on the PP someday soon. We've had a hot stretch (Dallas game aside) on the PP. But I would also like to get back to where we punish guys on the scoreboard when they take liberties.
  9. Buff to Van for Vrbata package

    Cheers.   What dyu reckon Winnipeg would / should be after? Are the Jets happy with Enstrom, Pardy, Chiarot down the lefts side? Happy to go to the play off's with Heller, Hutch and Pav??  I see those as more important targets than Brayden Schenn (isn't Burmi just as good?).
  10. Buff to Van for Vrbata package

    That remains popular for Winnipeg reasons not Philly. That the Flyers may have reason to move the Schenn's has little in common with the fact they would be dumb to expend those assets on a rental. 
  11. Buff to Van for Vrbata package

    C'mon now... Why does Philly aquire a rental D man? They have to jump 4 teams incl Tampa just to get a wild card in the crapty east. That makes less sense than even this proposal. Only reason that convo takes place is the Flyers get a pass to talk to his agent and let him know what they will pay in the off season.
  12. Daniel & Henrick

    Some do respect Edler. I do anyway. Edler had 4 goals and 9 points in the last 11 games playing top comp. Buy, you know, that did not get noticed as much as some perceived sporadic defence. He's a plus 5 where Horvat is a -9, Vrbata -11.   People, especially ones who view we should tank, also seem to believe we should never get scored against? And when it happens their should be a blood penalty to pay.
  13. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    It depends on what else happens? Hammer has declined. But far still from the point he is no longer an effective NHL player. Thats silly talk. Nor can we let Dan go and leave Bartkowski as his replacement! I'd let Weber and Bart walk before flushing Dan Hamhuis for example. And is Pedan ready?  Summary is; - If a replacement is available - And if we make it worthwhile by getting good value at the deadline.
  14. CDCGML 2015-16 (Taking Applications for New GMs!)

    Roster correction when there is a moment please? Sent a PM but may get picked up here sooner. Matt Hunwick missing from my roster sheet & pickup > should be on effective Oct 14? Thanx!