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  1. They should. We can play their game better than they can play ours. If we can dictate a speed game half the time, hit their D while we're at it, and hold our own the rest, we'll be alright.
  2. Okay, now I'm laughing at you. If you want to tip-toe on eggshells around the disaster that is Toronto, go right ahead, but it doesn't have any effect on us.
  3. Just noticing that Seguin and Bishop are unfit to play for Dallas today. That sounds like a loss for them. If so, hopefully they remain out for a series against us!
  4. Picked the Blues because for whatever reasons, we do well against them and don't against Dallas. But playoff results don't always follow regular season records, so no strong feelings either way. It's mostly about us, getting our game right. If we do that, we can beat anyone.
  5. I have to assume Juolevi only got in because Fantenberg really was hurt, and that he'll be coming out again once Fantenberg is fit to play. But it was really great to see him in the lineup and I thought he was more than decent. His ability to make good decisions and move the puck effectively more than makes up for his inexperience in the league. Good positional awareness and did well on the pk also. Wouldn't mind him staying in the lineup at all, but it's not going to happen.
  6. Yes you did, and so did I. Nicknames getting better: sure sign of a team on the rise!
  7. Agreed, but I'm glad you said it and not me since I don't want to think about that Chicago team when enjoying what we've got right now.
  8. You're not the only one! From the WCE era through 2008-2014, we had great talent but weren't mentally strong. This group is. We're all going to heal over the coming years.
  9. No passengers today: big props to Stetcher, Beagle and Mott besides the young guns.