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  1. Justin Schultz redux here.
  2. Don't worry, the asshat emporium that is Toronto will provide a far more obnoxious replacement. I'm going to nominate Cathal Kelly from the globe and flail, who was part of the hate brigade when we got to the finals in 2011.
  3. Maybe he's Spetznaz himself. Looked pretty cool under fire in that Anaheim game.
  4. Florida management has confirmed that they moved him for impending cap reasons. Sure, there could have been some analytics dogmatism in the mix but they certainly are going to have cap issues there with all those young stars coming off their ELCs. And it totally explains why they wanted McCann and picks as opposed to a more established player from Edmonton. They needed to punt some salary down the road. Good for Benning to leverage our cap room and take advantage of another team's cap troubles. That part of this deal isn't getting its due here.
  5. Fine, that's a much better pessimistic analysis than the tripe in OP. You could well be right. But our D has been such a train wreck in the last few years that all bets are off if Benning has actually fixed it with all the moves since the new year. Having a sound D that doesn't get pushed around, can retrieve and move the puck, will certainly help our underperforming offense. There's a reason why they play the games and I don't think anyone really knows what we've got at this stage. All this semantic crap about rebuild vs. retool doesn't really address Benning's very real attempts to address the weaknesses in our lineup. We stand or fall mainly on that, not injuries or what other teams have done.
  6. Benning said that Rodin was fully healed and would be ready for camp so that somewhat clashes with this part of the anonymous scoop. On that sort of stuff, I tend to believe Benning. Whether Rodin has had a full summer of optimal training is admittedly another matter.
  7. I think that's the right question here. The likelihood that we'll be carrying 8 D on the 23 man roster only makes it worse. Both Gaunce and Virtanen probably go down, with Etem as the 13th forward. Do they really want to go that route? I can see it both ways but there's definitely going to be a price for signing Hudler to be paid in the development of those players.
  8. No question that Willie said all that stuff but there are a lot of variables here which could put Baer and Bo back together, on a nominal third line. The most obvious is if JB gets that 2LW. But Horvat says he's been working on some offensive skills this summer, and if that translates into results, his play alone could propel him into a different role than Willie had in mind. Another factor is that with Sutter healthy, he can split shutdown duties and defensive zone starts instead of piling them all on Horvat's shoulders. So the context in which Willie said all that will change. Hopefully Willie's mind changes too because Horvat is no career 3C. I'd expect Benning to intervene if Willie continues to treat him like one.
  9. Of course there will be another lockout. It's part of Bettman's business plan. And everyone on CDC will blame the players again, just like last time.
  10. Goals are great and 20+ does seem right but let's not overlook his playmaking, which could bring out the best in Sutter and Ericksson as well as Bo. I get that JB would like to shelter him on the 3rd line but beyond the Sedins he's the best passer we've got and the only one who can skate with guys like Sutter and Bo.
  11. I'd like to see Sutter split shutdown assignments with Bo at a 60/40 rate. It would be interesting if the two switched wingers situationally, starting with guys like Burrows, Dorsett and even Hansen in D zone starts, and moving to guys like Sven, Rodin and Ericksson for O zone starts. That's way too AV for Willie, I know, but it would be one way to determine what these guys are capable of offensively when given more offensive wingers. Sutter was lethal with the twins on the pp but there's probably not much chance of that happening again with Ericksson on board. Much as I want to see Bo and Sven play together, Sutter could clearly benefit from his playmaking too. Sharing these opportunities situationally would be a pretty fair way to give each of them a chance.
  12. Mostly fluff but it's good hear hear him say " I obviously want to be a No. 1 centre some day". What matters is that he still sees himself as this kind of player, whatever Willie may think. Clearly he'll learn what he can from Willie and play the role he's given but just force the issue with his play. This guy has already shown an ability to identify what he needs to work on and make dramatic improvements: " I want to keep improving my speed and quickness and working on my shot is going to be huge, too". He's thinking offense here and can plausibly aim to become a Bergeron or Kopitar type of 1C and certainly has the determination to get there.
  13. How the mightily hyped have fallen ...
  14. No kidding. As always, you have to assume that his reputation precedes him and that any GM interested would raise this stuff to try to get the price down, maybe ask some pointed questions about where things stand with this guy legally, but still ...
  15. Yeah, this really should be the end of it. "Buffalo police say Sabres forward Evander Kane has been charged with four counts of non-criminal harassment and one count of misdemeanour trespass after an incident at a city bar last month." He's not guilty yet, but we're not going there just the same.