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  1. About freaking time. The guy has always been a racist blowhard. I'm from a military family so I see through all his crying about our troops while supporting all the pointless imperialist missions that put their lives in danger. Maybe Sportsnet can hire Tulsi Gabbard in his place (just kidding).
  2. Wow, super gutsy performance from the Canucks to keep coming and equalize in this one. Our possession game is for real if we can do it against as strong a defensive team as St. Louis.
  3. Nice short passes on the pp to make room for the point shot.
  4. Looking better just now. Miller needs to get that thing up!
  5. Looking better just now. Miller needs to get that thing up!
  6. Not bad for a 5th round pick alright. He's already noticeably better than last year, particularly on offense. Then there's Madden, Rathbone and Focht coming up behind him and looking nearly as good. Benning isn't acing it with just his high picks.
  7. Good to hear, I haven't been able to follow Utica well enough to know. Sautner did get the latest callup though... Long term, with Rathbone in the mix, he's still in tough, but yeah, we'll see.
  8. Out-competed them nearly the whole game. The goals weren't pretty, but they come when you keep the pressure on. This in one hell of a solid team atm.
  9. Frustrating game but take the point and move on. Such a fine line between our dominant games and ones like this but we're still possession beasts. It's a great baseline to work from.
  10. Los Angeles penalty to number 8, Drew Doughty, two minutes for fisting.
  11. C'mon Doughty, serve up some more bulletin board material.
  12. Another 5-spot! This is the space all of Petey's passing is creating for his shot.