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  1. [PGT] Hurricanes @ Canucks

    Running my mouth? Even though I disliked those lines, along with the vast majority on this board, I was also part of the effort to make sense of them and specifically praised Horvat for the work he did against the Gaudreau line. Now that we've won a second game with secondary scoring from the lines most people wanted to see we're supposed to shut up? Look man, I'm totally fine with doing what it takes to win. Just don't package it in a bunch of contradictory stuff about what sort of player Bo is destined to be like WD does. That's what gets people on edge.
  2. [PGT] Hurricanes @ Canucks

    Sure, maybe it was just for the Calgary game and he was carefully disguising it with a bunch of generalities about Horvat as a player that have flip-flopped over the last half year. I'm definitely not smart enough to find the method in the madness, but it could be there.
  3. [PGT] Hurricanes @ Canucks

    Looks like our "negative" fan base actually knows a thing or two about what line combinations make sense for this team. Glad to see sanity prevail and a gutsy win. We were outplaying them badly when they got up on us but stuck to our guns and came back on them. This team is going to be just fine.
  4. Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.

    I'd say that after last night its "critics" 1, apologists 0. With the right line combinations, this team can score. Whose goal started the come back? You're welcome.
  5. [GDT] Carolina Hurricanes VS Vancouver Canucks, OCT 16, 7pm

    So do our forward lines look better or what?
  6. [GDT] Calgary Flames VS Vancouver Canucks, OCT 15, 7pm

    Truer words was never spoke!
  7. [GDT] Calgary Flames VS Vancouver Canucks, OCT 15, 7pm

    Kharlamov's game was more Bure-like, though, and didn't rely as much on being elusive as Gaudreau does.
  8. Were you happy with the Canucks effort last Night? (Discussion)

    Two very different questions here, OP, which I would answer differently. Imho, the effort was there, but they didn't look like a playoff team. Might want to work on that bait and switch stuff (no offense).
  9. Markus Granlund | #60 | C/W

    True that having the Bo line out against Monahan and Gaudreau is possible and effective at home. On the road, they likely just draw the other team's 4th line, which is a bit of a waste unless they can score themselves. So if these lines shift once we go on the road, I'd give the coaching more credit for what they're doing right now.
  10. Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.

    I actually agree with this even though I'm on the other side of the debate. Horvat and Sutter are the two guys I want to see out against difficult matchups, not Gaunce and Granlund. So the question is whether that means putting Horvat on a pure shut-down line, as opposed to one that also has some counter-punching ability: Willie's answer for now seems to be yes and that's where I disagree. I'd stand corrected if the Granlund line generated some offense last night or does so in the next couple of games but so far the signs aren't good. When Rodin comes back the possibilities change, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's how long the Horvat on the 4th experiment lasts.
  11. Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.

    True that Dorsett can skate when he's right and even pot a few, but on the whole he's not a weapon that other defenses need to respect that much, so Bo will need to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating chances. A Burrows-Horvat-Dorsett line certainly can take on difficult matchups and drive possession, though. I liked what Bo was doing against Gaudreau and Monahan last night. So even though I think that line is mis-conceived, I can see how it dials him in on one half of what they want his game to be. But I don't think it's going to teach him much about the other half, or how to strike the right balance between the two.
  12. Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.

    Granlund can't skate fast enough to do it on his own, although Sven can. But playing with Horvat doesn't hurt either.
  13. Bo horvat to centre the 4th line.

    You're a schnivelling idiot: how did you get off my ignore list?
  14. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    Yes, I think Bo and Sutter are quite similar but that Bo has a better passing game and more power, so a higher ceiling. Put Granlund with Sutter and Sven with Bo and their playmaking deficiencies are covered.
  15. One Epic Sedin Shift

    Calgary wasn't just tired, they were confused and demoralized. Just like their mullett fans, they don't think the game at the Sedins' level.