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  1. Welcome to The Sky is falling Crybaby . Com where the fans only support the team when they're winning.

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    2. Heretic


      He who stirs the pot should lick the spoon!

    3. Armada


      But aren't they always right? We have never won and they always predict we won't.

    4. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Blame Ebbett.

  2. I'm probably going to have to ask my next girlfriend to say "John Snow you know nothing" to me now. Damnit. haha
  3. I quite enjoyed both new episodes. Favorite characters are John snow and Arya Stark. as far as hot women I like Robb's wife Talisara
  4. I was about to waste my time and put together an argument against your post...but then I realized this is CDC...after a loss...Canucks talk... Need I say more? Get a grip please stop trying to stir up crap
  5. Evander Kane is my new hero "If that ruins your day then you might want to get yourself checked out"

  6. You would think Shroeder's performance at the jrs would at least give him a pass. The kid has skill determination and plays bigger than he is. Just wait.
  7. I should have something more interesting and insightful to post...but all I can say is LOL Sauve's facebook was good laughs too.
  8. Are you serious? Did you see him go after Keith in the game where Daniel was hurt? When I think of players who stand up for others on the Canucks, Kevin is actually the first player that comes to mind. Please, for the love of god, start making sense. You're being made to look silly here bud.
  9. Never drinking again...UGH

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    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Drinking apple juice?

    3. stonecoldstevebernier


      But if you'll die if you don't have any water ever again...

    4. Incursio


      I've said that before...

  10. Here's to Chiropractors. Aaaaaahhhh

  11. Is anyone else in an amazing mood? What a spectacular day.

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    2. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      Did you have weed for dinner?

    3. Navyblue


      No crutch required ;) It was just one of those days...

    4. EmployeeoftheMonth


      Glad to hear/read it NB.

  12. Well...There was the whole big head thing... Even so I'd like him on the team still. A Cocky rookie might be a bit more valuable than a meek one, I'd venture to say. Maybe that attitude helped him win the boston game and beat the vezina winner off the bar .
  13. Do you maintain your man crush on Hodgson even with reports of his attitude?