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  1. Jannik Hansen

    Hansen is a beast, every team in the league would kill to have Hansen on their third line.
  2. Jannik Hansen

    Hodgson is starting to look like Henrik Sedin in a lot of ways. Pretty nice to have the Art Ross scoring champ playmaker on your team so you can learn all his moves everyday. Hansen scores again yes!
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Burrows should be making 4-5.5 million a year for the points and intangibles he brings to this team just like all the other core team members. He scored 19 points in one month on the top line two years ago. Those are Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, Jagr types of numbers. Alex looked like he was blooming into a Superstar, but then suffered a shoulder injury and his amazing production slowed down a bit. Still Alex is extremely underrated and is a great fit for the Sedin Twins on the first line. Lol @ Clutch not being able to see the future. I will admit Burrows first year on this time, I was not a fan at all. Now however, im a huge Burrows supporter.
  4. Jannik Hansen

    Jannick fricking Hansen one of the fastest skaters in the NHL proving that when you work hard enough good things happen. I love how Hansen cuts in on Phaneuf, takes the puck to the net and finishes the play all at top speed. Awesome goal! When the Canucks are healthy they boast five very fast forwards in Burrows, Raymond, Hansen, Kesler, and Booth. Super proud of Jannick having his break out season finally. If he gets twenty goals this season im going to buy his jersey. Go Hansen go!
  5. Jannik Hansen

    Dude you tried to call out Hansen and instead CDC is owning you for it just like the old Burrows thread, lol. Let's see how many minuses you get while Hansen is having his break out year.
  6. Thanks. I do so agree with you.

  7. hi, it is nice to run unto people who think the same way you do...i've watched all 40 years and many more and i've got great memories over that time that no one can take away...the cup is the prize but the journey is the essence of life....welcome CW.

  8. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Seems to me that kevin Bieksa is playing the way he did two,three years ago. I think the major surgery to his legs has actually taken a very long time to heal one hundred percent and we are seeing a fully healed Kevin finding his elite skills and confidence again. Severe injuries can change a player for ever. We saw what happened when Markus Naslund was hit by a flying elbow, we also saw what happened to Markus after his leg was broken. In both cases he was never the same player afterwards. We also saw Bure's knee surgery and it took him a very long time as well to get healed so that he could become elite again. I am also not surprised that Burrows hasn't returned from injury as the dominant player he was for the last season and a half. I expect him to be that guy in the playoffs this year though. And finally there is a lot of people mad at the play of Samuellson. He's injured guys, one of his legs doesn't have the strength it normally does so he can't get his speed up as fast as he used to. He's a tough swede and he's playing through it.