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  1. travis green is desperate to get his shot as an NHL coach. He's actually very close to landing one if media reports are to be believed. and him turning around the career of a failing top 6 pick would be a great accomplishment to put on the resume. guaranteed to land him the canuck job (in case willy is freed), or a job elsewhere. so green is going to go around all year saying how amazing jake virtanen is coming along, the next bertuzzi (with a sprinkle of gretzky) in the making!!!111! but the numbers dont lie. Period. the guy is supposed to be a scoring power forward, and hes simply not scoring. not in the not in the NHL, and disturbingly not even in the AHL. if that doesnt raise serious alarm bells for anyone about this prospect (in addition to his character issues, low hockey IQ, and lack of heart) then you are beyond being in denial. Reminds me of the "this is fine" meme.... a busted pick. Made even more painful when one considers who went after him. As Burke said, You HAVE to get those top picks right if you want to get anywhere in this league. it is just simply a monumental failure on Bennings/Lindens part.
  2. This franchise is a joke..... I found willie D's explanation about Virtanen needing his "stuff" to be insulting. . he actually thinks canuck fans are that dumb...
  3. Thanks. that's actually an excellent idea I had not thought of in my exasperated state of mind.
  4. desi~ a small claims court case will cost me 30-40$ to file.... how much is it going to cost bell to send a lawyer to defend it? I actually like my chances, people have to know that they have rights, and cant get trampled on just because a company is big
  5. Hello CDC Lawyers... I have recently gotten into a massive dispute with bell regarding a cellphone I unfortunately purchased... IT was nothing but problems and a nightmare since day one. all my contacts, voicemails and most of my texts were permanently deleted (Even though the bell retailer assured me 150X times this would not happen) A combination of this, and absolutely grotesque levels of service had me wanting to cancel my bell contract. (I even overheard a bell agent snickering and laughing at me over the line after I had called for a 3rd time requesting to speak to a manager) in all my years of owning a cellphone, I have never talked to so many agents then I did in a couple of days with bell.. it has been a nightmare. in my contract there is a buyers remorse clause. That's in effect for something like 100 minutes~ 100 mgs I spoke to 2 bell agents about it and they told me I was under the limit but nearing it and I could cancel now if I want (even though most of the minutes I used were trying to get bell agents to fix my phone) even going out of my way and using someone elses phone to call bell to save my minutes in this time frame... After getting the assurance that this was possible, I decided to call bell one last time for my peace of mind, and have their agent put in writing on my file that this is going to happen. That agent did exactly that and told me that it is absolutely confirmed and on my file in writing.. So I went crawling back to my old company, they even offered to beat the deal bell gave me when I told them of my nightmare. upon going to the store to return the phone (which is what the bell agent told me to do) The clerk called "bell corporate" and then informed me that I have gone over the 100 minute allowance and I can no longer return the phone. I can only assume that last phone call to get the cancellation in writing might pushed it a couple minutes over 100 before I shut that phone off immediately for the last time... Upon talking to 2 different bell "supervisors" who had terrible attiudes. I was repeatedly told by them that this decision is final and there is no one higher up to speak to. I told the supervisor "so you must be bells CEO" and he said no im not but bells CEO doesn't take customer calls. I told absolutely not, But there are thousands of managers below him who can and will help me. after enormous effort, he finally agreed to forward me to a regional manager on Tuesday (after the long weekend) I will be speaking with the bell regional manager, and if he doesn't resolve this, I will be filing a small claims court case against bell, and have a judge decide on it.. im just wondering if there is anybody who has had any similar experiences, or been thru something similar, or sued a major company before... im not the type of person to go to court, or even return anything. but bells level of service was so grotesque, and they personally insulted me to such a degree, that I feel I don't have any other choice.... im open to any tips or advice anyone has for me, and if this is in the wrong section and belongs in white noise, I apologize and kindly ask a mod to move it over. thanks.
  6. .
  7. Benning is more loyal to his players, then the team apparently... he shows absolutely 0 patience or loyalty to most players brought in from the previous regime, but shows unlimited patience with the guys he brought in himself... If linden Vey was a Gillis signing, Benning would have traded him for a bag of pucks/waived him long ago.
  8. people like me who questioned this kids character at the time of the signing got flamed by the homers.... its funny Benning sells assets on the cheap based on "character" and "consistency" but then arguably overpays for this bust with the same apparent issues
  9. this team has no direction. at this rate, we might be reminiscing about the "good ol days" of the gillis era.. (as vomit inducing as that might sound)
  10. no panic. but for me personally, I sadly see more of the same type of inept management that has seen this franchise chasing its tail for 40+ cupless years.
  11. there is no denying the canucks have had a very poor off season so far. most of our competitors, especially Calgary/Edmonton got better. while we stood still and arguably got worse. of the 3 goalies that were traded, we got the lowest return by far, and traded away one of most popular players who is younger and cheaper and arguably better then old man miller today. Hope JB can turn it around..
  12. im at a point with this team, Where I could care less about the playoffs.... people seem obsessed with that as if that's the ultimate goal. Who in their right minds really thought this team had a shot this year even after making the playoffs? who honestly thinks this team is a legit contender next year or even 2-3 years from now? The only thing I want now is a cup, and I am 100% certain that until the core of Sedins, Burrows, Bieksa, Edler, and Miller are here, we don't have a chance in hell. They are just way too stale/washed up and take up a huge chunk of the teams payroll where you cant build anything around them. this team needed a proper rebuild 2 years ago
  13. It pains me whenever people point to Edmonton as why you shouldn't rebuild. reason 1. The most dominant teams that have won the cups recently (Chicago, LA) have gone thru full rebuilds to get there. reason 2. Edmonton just got Mcdavid. so don't write off their rebuild. The biggest problem with their rebuild was incompetent management. With chiarelli in, things should improve. reason 3. Has anyone who uses the Edmonton example ever been to Edmonton?? I mean seriously.... Im from BC, and I can tell you BC is superior to Alberta. But currently living in alberta, I can tell you that even Calgary beats the hell out of Edmonton.. Edmonton is just a miserable place.. a cold depressing place, where unlike calgarys occasional Chinook it stays cold thoughout the winter. It's downtown is dead, a craphole and a good place to get assaulted/mugged. did I mention its depressing?? Its literally just blue collar jobs, The oilers, and the west Edmonton mall. There is a reason why Edmonton always makes the list of players' no trade lists... Extremely difficult to build a team in such an environment when nobody wants to come there, and you have to grossly overpay AHL calibre garbage like nikitin 2 year 10 million dollar deals to sign. extremely difficult to build a team in such a environment. Vancouver is an extremely beautiful/desirable city. vastly superior to anything in alberta and on a different universe then Edmonton. Winnipeg will face this same problem as soon as the whole new team scent goes away. Winnipeg is a like a smaller, crappier version of Edmonton.
  14. for me it was nauseating listening to burrows' press conference... 2 things really stood out for me, him admitting they aren't getting younger, and basically brushing off the playoff disgrace as a "we'll get em next time" deal.. the thought of watching this core, 1 year older running around in circles failing again next year is just nauseating..... a lot of canuck fans are rightfully fed up and had enough of this core 2-3 years ago . It is abundantly clear to just about every human being on earth (besides canucks management of course) that this core is well past its expiry date and its really time to move on... the canucks should try everything they can to turn the page on: The sedins (its time) Bieksa Edler Hansen Higgins Burrows and possibly even: Hamhuis Miller Weber Baertschi mathias
  15. terrible move... we must be really desperate if its come to this....