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  1. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    never knew linden was a snake oil salesman. Will say anything to make a sell. Basically doing the same thing over again. Exact same laughable game plan as last year, but with a different marketing strategy. pathetic management.
  2. 'Canada's Team': Why do we all hate each other?

    real translation of OP's thread~ "why we hate each other? " 1) I was too young for the rivalries (including some fairly recent ones like Calgary?) so I don't see the hate for those Canadian teams omgzz. but the American rivals I remember are ok to hate!!11 2a) other Canadian teams fanbases were almost unanimously praying to any god/idol/voodoo doll they believed in for the canucks to lose in 2011. but that's no reason for us to return the scheudenfreude!!!!. And they called our team dirty while ignoring any of the crap and bad officiating our team went thru!! they were actually totally right btw!! a quarter of the canucks were totally dirtyzz!!! and they deserved the hate from the fanbases, with fuel being thrown on the fire by parasitic Toronto media (ron maclean as 1 example) 2b) On Redditz, I found this rant by some coiler fan! read it (could it possibly be you?) CBC found evidence of a handful of "canuck fans" cheering for the hurricanes!! omgzzzz1! 3) zomgggg all canuck fans the worst!! zomggg canucks deserve hate, zomg love my coiler team (my guess) because they canadaz team I stopped reading at this point~
  3. don't worry im not going anywhere? just because you are not a screaming 12 year old cheerleader/robot. Doesn't mean you abandon your team. even if you know they are hopeless. they say you can pick your wife, nationality, gender, etc... But you cant pick your favorite team unfortunately. it picks you, and keeps you for life.
  4. ive come to terms with the fact this franchise will never win a cup in my lifetime (and im still in my late 20s). So should you. its been 50 years now. And they couldn't be farther away from a cup if they tried. This franchise is absolutely hopeless. and I have 0 confidence that this "management" team are the ones that are going to build a cup team. they have been chasing their tails for 3 years and counting. trying to "make the playoffs" when the entire universe (including my 4 year old nephew) could tell that this team was loooooooong overdue for a teardown. 3 years of Wasted years/ aging assets and here we are. now they want to "rebuild". but even the "Rebuild" doesn't come across as honest. It just seems forced. because linden would have faced certain ridicule from the entire universe if he opened his mouth and the words "playoffs" came out of them again. I don't buy it. until this team gets a competent management. who clearly states their goal is a Stanley cup. And actually shows it with their actions (Ex. not signing Eriksson to 6x6, or trading away high picks like candy) then there might be room for a little optimism/light at the end of the tunnel. I personally don't see it though. at least not with linden in charge.
  5. Hockey Graphs ranks GMs

    benning doesn't haven enough autonomy to accurately rank him with the others. For example a guy like yzerman doesn't have an incompetent PR guy with a Veto power over him. to give 1 example: Benning drafts a possible beast (a solid NHLer at a minimum) in tryamkin. he believes strongly enough in him to call him "his bear". enter Linden's coach of the year. Just put your self in tryamkins shoes. You have left a higher paying job to commit 2 years to test yourself in the NHL. put behind your life and family. Only to get benched at the beginning of the season. then after actually proving yourself in the NHL, seeing an insane coach giving the likes of hutton and sbisa more ice time then you. Calgary, and Ottawa were both in a similar situation with their coach as the canucks were with WD last year. both Calgary and Ottawa recognized their coach had taken them as far as he could and made changes. Nice guy linden gave his buddy another year. the rest is history. Yet linden gets absolutely 0 criticism. its all benning. nice guy linden can do no wrong according to his hoards of fan girls. I liked linden the PLAYER as much as any canuck fan. But it takes nothing away from his playing career to admit he is an absolutely clueless, hopelessly incompetent president. He should have some shame and step down.
  6. The Day After. Draft or Trade?

    HAHAHAHA... I love this prevalent belief among many canuck fans. its laughable. You do realize the object of the game is to WIN THE STANLEY CUP. you do realize the ONLY goal of the entire league is to WIN THE STANLEY CUP you do realize that no matter what you do in a season, History only remembers who WON THE STANLEY CUP starting to see a pattern? Canucks supposed "success" is actually a monumental failure in my opinion. this team had a cup calibre team for a decade. including back to back presidents trophy. a once in a lifetime perhaps collection of talent/ chips aligning. and they couldn't win it. Absolute failure. only a loser would consider this a "success" end rant/
  7. Catching Breaks...

    im completely calm and relaxed. I passed the stage of getting really infuriated by this franchises incompetence after my teens/early 20s. ive actually become completely cynical and apathetic to this teams tail chasing at this point. I no longer get mad about anything, but literally smile and laugh about it and move on. if this franchise made it a team policy to include clown noses as a standard part of the team jersey next year. it wouldn't even surprise/affect me anymore. the canucks are a trainwreck/comedy show. enjoy the ride
  8. Linden: "We are rebuilding this team"

    in terms of vision. this management team is about 3 years behind the entire UNIVERSE (minus a handful of younger EVERYTHING POSITIVE fangirls) linden used to be one my heros in life. Its not so much his bad performance that made me lose respect for him, but his cowardice and confronting the owner. he willingly took a job to become the aquamans yes-man. at the expense of the genuine long term interests of this team. (and im giving him enormous credit here, as the other option would be to say it was all him, and he's simply incompetent ) linden is either a coward yes man or an incompetent president. He really should re-sign if he cares about his plummeting reputation.
  9. Catching Breaks...

    this franchise in inept, incompetent and deserves every bit of bad karma and misery it brings onto itself. getting close to 50 years of cup-less tail chasing. cant see them winning one in another 50 if they keep this up. the most pathetic, useless franchise in hockey. period.
  10. "connections" LOL if that makes you feel better about another head scratching move from this incompetent " management". knock yourself out. . lets go around and pick some random player/coach. and find a list of every current NHLer he was teammates with at some point. and automatically conclude they are all his "connections" and will be perfoming favors for or coming to the canucks? using that logic, The phoenix coyotes coached by gretzky should have won at least 5 Stanley cups. given gretzky's unholy resume/connections. this might just be the single most pointless thread in CDC. and that's saying a lot
  11. Article - Leafs' reno on pace, while Canucks lagging behind

    its sad to see some canuck fans being in such a state of denial. to feel the need to bend reality to make themselves feel better. the canucks are the most incompetently managed Team in the history of the NHL. Only perhaps buffalo can give them a good run for their money. But as crappy a town as buffalo is. they have other major sports options (unlike the canucks, and no CFL is not a major sports league )
  12. How much will it take to sign Tryamkin?

    poor benning. goes thru hell, to bring a such a player to Vancouver (he even called him his bear when he hadn't played 1 minute yet) only to have linden's coach of the year chase him away with his insanity. trevor linden should go back to selling treadmills, before he becomes another kevin lowe type joke. His positive talking points/ (team propaganda) at this stage is becoming a little irritating. who's wanted willie? who's decision was it to keep willie around for another productive year? good thing linden's surrounded by scapegoats, and fanboys to whitewash his mistakes. (unlike others)
  13. Olli Juolevi | D

    tkachuk's rookie season rivaling that of his fathers good thing we have the grand scout master benning picking our top picks now... first with bieber, now with this. who the hell needs the next keith tkachuk anyway? when you can draft a project from a country like finland... who are just known for sh***ing out high quality NHL defensemen on a regular basis.... id take keith tkachuk over the greatest 2 finnish defenceman in history put together. Juolevi better be really really REALLY special, cause this is definitely looking like another big time miss for benning.. and I have to repeat what burke said, and is proving on the ice. You ABSOLUTELY have to get those top picks right if you want to get anywhere in the NHL.
  14. [GDT] Canucks @ Jackets, February 9th @ 4pm, SNP

    if your a true fan of the Vancouver canucks.... and I repeat, the Vancouver Canucks. (not fans of individual players) you will be realisticly hoping for this team to lose... not only for the higher draft picks.. but to snap the ownership/management out of their playoff delusions that's doing nothing but holding this franchise back.. it would be a travesty for this team to go any sort of run before the trade deadline, just to give management an excuse not to sell, and continue chasing their tails.. the canucks are the most boring, hopeless team in the NHL.. please tear this carcass down already... go Columbus.
  15. 94 and 2011 heartbreaks.... and Bertuzzi / steve moore incident... it really sucks being a canuck fan... I genuinely think that's one of the reasons people are fed up with this team... They desperately want a cup, and the teams realistic goals are a barely playoff bubble team.... people have had enough of that... give us at least some hope of a cup.. rebuild.