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  1. if not wanting some disrespectful stupid foreigner to desecrate a war memorial is bigoted. then I will embrace the title.... try going to any country and desecrating their treasured sites and see what happens... there comes a point where enough is enough.
  2. he did ask a few where they were from. and virtually none could speak proper English.. and I just cannot fathom how any semi-retarded chimpanzee wouldn't have enough intelligence to recognize what they are doing at a dead soldiers memorial is disrespectful...… there is no way any American would not have enough sense to recognize that.
  3. the fruits of the failed social experiment of the left.... Let in millions of uneducated people who you don't need. who don't speak your language or respect your way of life... what could go wrong?? the US will disintegrate as a country at this rate... I just don't see how an average patriotic American can tolerate the literal death of their country by a thousand cuts any longer... bet the left will label this trump supporter a "racist" this is why trump is so popular among so many.
  4. the guy on the left, who seems to have a fetish for military camo really doesn't give you a bad feeling in your stomach?
  5. also if you see a weirdo looking civilian in military camo... that's also a big red flag.
  6. something about those 2 missing teenagers looks was off putting to me for some reason... always follow your gut people... if it tells you somethings off about someone, its usually right. the schemegelsky guy screams "psyco" the other dude is your typical wierdo… very offputting.
  7. are you capable of making a single coherent point without trying to personally attack and insult the person??? you are the pathetic fragicle insecure little man you complain about if you ask me
  8. im the one whining? not the people who go out of their way, and waste god knows how much of their time to change something so ludicrous because they are offended by the word "man" if you question the reasoning, your "whining" go fish.
  9. ive given up hope for this sjw to make a semi-coherent point.... if there is any other leftist out there who would like to explain to me what exactly makes the word "man" so offensive and triggering for some (enough so to be compared with the N word for a select few) ?? what is this obsession about erasing and censoring the word "man" for a handful of nutbags who are loud and whiny enough to get their way? I still don't get it. is the word man the new n word?
  10. because n***r and the word "man" are on the same level.... LOL this delusional SJW keeps digging himself a bigger grave to try and explain this insanity.
  11. this would have been a more appropriate reaction to the original news of the censoring the name "man" but I don't blame you for trying to act like a 10 year old when you don't have any reasonable arguments to argue on..
  12. for now yes.... but my prediction in the next 10-15 years is no if things start heading the direction its going... eating meat is becoming taboo, and will soon get you kicked out of polite society. enjoy it while it lasts.
  13. well, im a "man"... there is a fringe group of extremist nutbags (with outsized influence, and extremely whiny) who despise that word. it triggers them and they want to erase it from every public image (or even the dictionary if they could) when these nutbags start trying to make arbitrary changes. its them and those who defend them (like you) who have to start justifying your position on why the word "man" is so offensive. you don't get to just completely ignore that, and then turn around and repeat the question. your the aggressor here..... why does the word "man" offend and trigger you so much to warrant these ridiculous arbitrary changes? and I don't know you personally, but I attached the leftists label to you for supporting a ridiculously extreme left nutbag view...