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  1. Mike Gillis Should Stay

    every gm makes mistakes. we look at the gms of Boston and Detroit as good examples but you have to look at the mistakes they have made to Ex. Detroit - signs Weiss to 4.9 for 5 years while letting Filppula walk Boston - trade Seguin to Dallas for Eriksson (now not a horrible trade but Seguin is the better player and is much younger) everyone is quick to blast Gillis' bad trades but they never mention the good ones (Higgins for a 3rd). He sure isn't perfect but he is better than most.
  2. Cole Cassels | C

    IP Freely. After the second round it's a total crap shoot. Classels played behind two great centers and still had decent numbers. He has good pedigree and will understand the work needed to make the NHL. Hope he pans out.
  3. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    i dont think its about an undersized centre on the third line as much as a guy who is defensively sound. canucks want guys that backcheck fast and play smart in their own end. Schroeder might be as defensively sound as coho was but he also has the ability to make up space with his speed in a way that cody never would have been able to.
  4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    if i spend half the time with this game as i did with fallout my semester is going to be shot