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  1. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted the nucks to take Saad or Jurco... I knew about Jensen beforehand and I'm glad we took him. He looks like he has decent speed for a power forward and his shot is deadly. I'm also liking the Rick Nash comparison Thank you Mike Gillis !
  2. my thoughts exactly, I was very interested with his development early on this season but after he got injured I just lost it. He is still one of my favorite prospects nonetheless, apparently he has a nice bond going on with Hodgson so that's always nice to hear.
  3. what a beast !
  4. HAHAHA, it's FPS Doug btw.

  5. lol I've watched Mr. Clean say "BOOM Headshot" about a half a dozen times...

  6. Anyone know where I can see this hit?
  7. This guy is lookin like a steal right now. How does one adapt to a new team just like that?
  8. anyone know if he's grown even taller since the training camp?
  9. Do you know if they tell this to every prospect prior to the camp? Or did they really see something special about Rodin?