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  1. If only we could have some sorta IQ test to join CDC.......... then again it'd be a pretty quiet place wouldn't it
  2. not the greatest history will be made ad, but oh well still another one for us! Lol
  3. Banned for not being one :D
  4. banned for not drinking (honestly sometimes these get served up on a platter lol)
  5. soooo many haters on B it's awesome..... you guys are all so clueless and pathetic, everyone has bad games, lord knows the sedins have been the goats of a game or two in the past, it happens deal with it and move on, truth be told he didn't even have a bad game really, a bad time for a penalty where he was just playing tough.... I seem to recall a #17 taking a dozen or so of those this year alone, among other players, but hey go on hating... I'm sure it makes your pathetic lives seem much much better, and yes canucklion, this is directed almost entirely at you
  6. banned for not using a 24 hour clock
  7. banned for not giving me a present
  8. couldn't buy any hacker chips cause none were left
  9. banned for spelling acronym properly.
  10. has a good eye for spotting grammer freaks
  11. banned for being to lazy to spell Call of Duty
  12. likes green men in spandex :D
  13. banned for pointing out someone else was whining on CDC
  14. banned for being bored obviously
  15. First of let me say.......YOUR A COMPLETE IDIOT. Just had to get that out of the way, 2nd of all there is a great chance he could be resigned it'll all depend on if the price is right as always. Finally let me add for as much as I love the hoff, in the last recent stretch of games I have seen him make more errors then anyone else most just mental I think which was coming from fatigue. Just the same I don't think there should be more stock put in the hoff over bieksa. Oh and finally did I meantion... your an idiot?