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  1. Canucks VS Flames Photoshop Battle

    Wouldn't mind a repeating clip of that Hiller Dive with a waltz like the 'beautiful blue danube'.
  2. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    IMO Gillis is the number 1 GM. Quinn changed the culture, not Gillis. Canucks have really never been terrible since the eighties. Sure, they've had a few bad years here and there, but not like the first half of the history of the franchise. Canucks are up to .489 now. As a franchise. Which is remarkable given their history as a bottom feeder for so long.
  3. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    Can't fault him for the team sucking now. He had a plan and stuck with it. Damn near pulled it off. Only one other dude can say that and that's Pat Quinn. Quinn might have had a better run - in building up from a terrible team to win the first division title, and the second finals appearances, but Gillis - Gillis built a team twice favored to win the whole darn thing, not a Cinderella squad. That's something rather incredible in my mind. 40 years we'd waited for that. You put together a winning squad, crush all opposition two years running and you take a cup run. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
  4. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    I would go so far to say GMMG was the best GM this team ever had. If Hamhuis played in the Boston series and he'd have a ring and would be sitting back enjoying the life. GMMG + AV was a winning formula. As we've seen over the years, AV wasn't the problem, and hindsight will be with GMMG. Don't think Torts was responsible either.
  5. Quit being gullible, you are the problem with this team.

    Tom Sestito crushed it. /Thread End.
  6. Good, enough about Trotz. Now we can move onto the serious players.
  7. "Trotz's pedigree" What pedigree? Zero conference finals in 15 years? League average coaching would get you there at least twice. The Canucks had a 17 year drought from '94 to 2010, but that cost Crow his job. Do we want a 15 year finals drought here?
  8. Florida also has a goaltender who's made the playoffs. If Trotz was any good at developing forwards, wouldn't we have seen at least one in 15 years? Do you really want him screwing up on the development of Horvat?
  9. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    Ugh. Weisbrod. Why? There are better candidates elsewhere.
  10. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    Buzzsaw, you'd trade the number one scorer on the Canucks just to pick up Boyle? Terrible deal. People need to accept reality that the Sedins are the problem on the powerplay.
  11. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    "The Sedins are not 50 point players" They are now. Dank didn't even get to 50 points on the season. Canucks record btw for their number 1 forward. "Last season was an anomaly" Nope. It's consistent with their decline last season as well. "I think it's more than likely he'll rebound". What if he doesn't? Do we fire coach and GM in December if they continue not to score? "offensive players should be encouraged to score". I would agree with this if Hank and Dank were still first line players. They aren't. Neither Hank nor Dank performed at a level consistent with first line players in the NHL this season. And that's being charitable. They would be solid second line players which means doing the little stuff. "There is too much dependency on the Sedins". You are not going to win many games where your top line combines for just 112 points in a season. That's an average of fewer than 1.5 ppg. As a line. Assuming 3 points per goal, that's a goal every two games. The reality is that the Canucks had excellent contribution from everywhere, save the first line. They would need to increase their output to around 170 points just to reach league average.
  12. So can we assume A V wasn't the problem?

    "Torts shouldn't have tried to make a playoff team in just one year." Last I checked he had a 4 year contract.
  13. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    Nuck nit: "Ehrhoff is our savior" No, he's not Garrison is younger and better than Ehrhoff.
  14. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    "A rebound is surely coming next year." What if it doesn't? Do we fire coach and GM in December?
  15. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    "You don't expect top scorers to block shots". So we've got two 50 point players on the first line who can't play hard minutes, can't backcheck, can't forecheck and can't block shots, and can't score on the powerplay. Does this sound to you like a recipe for success going forward, Deb? If Dank and Hank were Ovie, I could see it. But they aren't and haven't played at that level in years. It's unrealistic to expect them to play at this level. If Dank and Hank want to extend their careers in the NHL, they are going to have to do the little stuff.