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  1. This thread forced me to sign on, as I comment very rarely nowadays. Anyways, I think your point is interesting because it points out to how little most of us really knows the game. Though you have a valid point, your ability to articulate it draws people away from the discussion. Personally, I see Tanev as a guy that acts as an inhibitor on the flow of the game- that is, no team really benefits when he's on the ice. Thats not to say it's bad; when their top line is on to match the 3rd line of ours, our primary focus is to not get scored on as opposed to drive offense into their side of the ice. However, when we're on the offense, getting scored on shouldn't be a worry. I find it interesting how you suggested Tanev might pass the pressure off to another player, and that could be completely true or false. As fans, we wouldn't know unless we've personally played with him. So yeah, Tanev may be one dimensional, but he's exceptional at what that one trait is. Good teams need pieces like him, and to suggest a team with 6 Subbans is completely unrealistic.
  2. TVR is quintessential to the Hawks lineup - everyone of their fans think highly of him. This is the literal equivalent of Calgary offering Ferland for Hutton
  3. Don't you remember what Gillis did towards the end of his regime? He basically called the owners out on meddling. iirc, there were reports of MG not even wanting to hire Tortorella. Seems like time and time again the finger somehow points to FA. I'm honestly kind of sick of it all.
  4. Glad we got another 4th liner- we desperately needed it after Prust and Higgins got sent down. & it only costed Shinkaruk too!
  5. People have been denying ownership meddling from back when Tortorella was hired. Only now are people starting to change their minds. You would've thought it'd be more apparent when MG gave the Aquillinis an ultimatum through the team 1040 radio at the end of the 2013-2014 season
  6. He's having a bad year for sure, and he isn't worth that money, but the way you describe him- a grinder with 60 pts isnt anything to scoff at. If Virtanen or Horvat gets 60pts in their prime, I'd be excited
  7. What did Hanky say?
  8. We should go after that Valeri Nischuskin guy, he seems pretty good. Maybe Bo Horvat swap with him? /s
  9. Its also healthier to view the trade from a perspective of a win-win; the idea is that both sides will benefit from a trade rather than one GM "fleecing" another is more realistic. I doubt that they'd be in a position to make trades if they weren't knowledgeable. As for your little "Bieksler" remark: don't act dumb. Its no different from the "did Gomez score watch" floating around somewhere on the internet. When you add the stats of a defencemen that doesn't rack up a lot of points, a 2 way forward, and a +/- stat (which is more of an indicator of team statistic than individual- ANA is struggling right now, no sh!t their +/- is bad), its easy to tell that you're placing a negative connotation to your post. Did you really need me to break that down for you?
  10. I don't know why you are hating on them. Just because they're not on our team anymore, you don't need to justify that the Canucks "won the trade". That attitude is so prevalent around here, and its so freaking cancer. Bieksa also led ANA in ice-time today in the 4-3 OTL to Arizona. Take that for what you will, but when 4 different coaches now trusts Bieksa with that much ice-time, he's clearly doing something right that the fans don't see.
  11. Good taste. One of my favorite workout songs
  12. Thank you. I feel like I'm in the minority where "what ifs" don't mean much to me. I mean, what if the Canucks iced a healthy roster in 2011? What if Mario had a healthy career? Statistically, only Mario will ever come close to the level of dominance Gretzky brought, and that's all that matters.
  13. Feels like a Grabner or a Raymond- "WHY CAN"T YOU BE CONSISTENT?" Jensen has that elite skill. He's just not consistent and it probably infuriates him as much as it infuriates us. From personal experience, inconsistencies are as result of a bad fundamentals, and those aren't easy to fix, esp. given his window to make the NHL
  14. 5 pts in 8 games. This guy is flying ridiculously under the radar around here