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  1. The case for why Chris Tanev is bad for the Team

    This thread forced me to sign on, as I comment very rarely nowadays. Anyways, I think your point is interesting because it points out to how little most of us really knows the game. Though you have a valid point, your ability to articulate it draws people away from the discussion. Personally, I see Tanev as a guy that acts as an inhibitor on the flow of the game- that is, no team really benefits when he's on the ice. Thats not to say it's bad; when their top line is on to match the 3rd line of ours, our primary focus is to not get scored on as opposed to drive offense into their side of the ice. However, when we're on the offense, getting scored on shouldn't be a worry. I find it interesting how you suggested Tanev might pass the pressure off to another player, and that could be completely true or false. As fans, we wouldn't know unless we've personally played with him. So yeah, Tanev may be one dimensional, but he's exceptional at what that one trait is. Good teams need pieces like him, and to suggest a team with 6 Subbans is completely unrealistic.
  2. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Feels like a Grabner or a Raymond- "WHY CAN"T YOU BE CONSISTENT?" Jensen has that elite skill. He's just not consistent and it probably infuriates him as much as it infuriates us. From personal experience, inconsistencies are as result of a bad fundamentals, and those aren't easy to fix, esp. given his window to make the NHL
  3. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    5 pts in 8 games. This guy is flying ridiculously under the radar around here
  4. Official "Get it off your chest" thread * WHY SBISA?

    Yannick Weber single-handedly lost us game 1 & 6. Our 2nd line & 3rd line are a mess. Sbisa making 3.65M / yr makes me puke
  5. The Official TS Bless the Canucks Thread

    Trevor Slinden?
  6. Mike Gillis Team 1040 Interview

    Key word: meddle. Its better to have 1 vision as a team and act upon it rather dispersed ideas that really lead no where. Why do you think the Mavericks can't ever hold on to GMs well? Clearly there are conflicting ideals of control and vision.
  7. Mike Gillis Team 1040 Interview

    Knew it from the moment of the Torterella hire. Any time an owner meddles with a GM's job, you can bet that team is not going to be successful.
  8. The Leafs Choking Again

    only in Toronto do leaves fall in the spring :D
  9. The Leafs Choking Again

    remember the days when Leafs fan stayed in the closet? oh I miss those days. I thought the Canucks fan base had a lot of idiots, but I guess they have an even larger fanbase. On a team that doesn't have much puck control % and a TERRIBLE corsi, who on the team would get a lot of ozone start, PERIOD?
  10. The Leafs Choking Again

    I'm a pretty diehard Canucks fan, and I hope the Leafs don't make the playoffs as much as the next guy, but I don't think a fan of the Vancouver Canucks should accuse any other teams of being "chokers". It's like trying to make fun of the homeless when you're living in that cardboard box by East Hastings and Main
  11. Is Luongo sitting out again because he's in play?

    I honestly think Lack is in play, not Luongo. We might be trying to showchase Lack rn.
  12. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    Haven't you taken any Highschool level English? as the saying goes, "Who cares what you think?"

    what was Cherry saying about Peter Angelo? i missed it
  14. [GDT] Canucks @ Leafs {Sat Feb 8, 3PM}

    1-5 L. With the sudden parade of trash scoring hat-tricks against the Canucks as of late, I nominate Phil "the thrill" Kessel to score a hatty tmrw.