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  1. NHL 15 Thread

    its practical buying nhl 15 for play now mode thats it. what a joke. can't even edit players. no hat trick celebrations either lmao. these things you can't do in this game is sure a hell of a lot longer than the things you can do
  2. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    i'm really excited for this guy. he's a monster, good skater, played the PK, and PP. i think he'll be a very good player in the NHL. he'll end up like a Hal Gill at worst
  3. Thatcher Demko | G

    i have a feeling he's gonna pan out to be a very good goalie. future #1
  4. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    i love how everyone is mad about this pick, you all must have no knowledge of hockey. I'm sure 95% of you haven't seen a hitman game. i live in calgary and have watched this kid a lot of times. he's a VERY good player. great shot, incredibly fast, and a huge hitter. rather that then a small 160 pound ehlers.
  5. [Draft] VAN selects Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

    very happy with today. wanted ritchie or virtanen. ritchie might be a bust
  6. [Report] Torts wanted to buy out Alex Burrows

    just watching that gives me chills. one of the best canucks moments of my life. at the same time it makes me sick to my stomach of what the canucks are now. luongo, schneider, erhoff, torres, lappy are all gone.....
  7. NHL 15 Thread

    nhl 13 and 14 are practically the same game. i guess we'll find out if they disappoint again or not. i just hope its meant for the new consoles.
  8. This is Canada, not china. Our languages are english and french. don't like it? move back to your country
  9. ADSF: (2) Tampa Bay Lightning vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    LOL NOOOO. Dale wins it
  10. Draft Virtanen!

  11. Draft 2014 - First Round Pick

    I would LOVE for us to draft Leon Draisaitl, Dal Colle would be perfect but its a bit far fetched. Ritchie is a Kassian type don't need two of those players.
  12. [Report] Kesler is still a Canuck

    pittsburgh should be investigated for tampering. guarantee all these rumours were only started because bylsma was probably sweet talking kesler
  13. Richardson being traded? got pulled from the game
  14. anyone watching the game? hear shorthouse say "where's ryan johansen when you need him"? mhmm