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  1. most people like yourself, only notice players on how much offensive production they produce. ryan kesler was the same way as horvat as a rookie. and kesler turned into a 40 goal scorer. he'd be a great 3rd line shut down guy this season.
  2. these are the lines id love to see
  3. NHL 15 Thread

    its practical buying nhl 15 for play now mode thats it. what a joke. can't even edit players. no hat trick celebrations either lmao. these things you can't do in this game is sure a hell of a lot longer than the things you can do
  4. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    i'm really excited for this guy. he's a monster, good skater, played the PK, and PP. i think he'll be a very good player in the NHL. he'll end up like a Hal Gill at worst
  5. should I get ps4 or xbox one?

    Actually the graphics are unreal on next gen. just disappointing hows there no eashl
  6. [Speculation] NHL to Las Vegas a 'done deal'

    putting a NHL team in vegas is just foolish in a way. although vegas will put more people in the seats than phoenix
  7. Trades that made you sad

    I'm really happy we have horvat. but the Schnieder trade was bad. but when Luongo left, that was the worst for me for sure. always has been my favourite goalie since he started in florida
  8. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    Sure Steve Moore deserves a couple million from the lawsuit, because he missed out on so many years. But 68 million!? That's stupid. Moore should've stepped up and fought instead of being a chicken. That's the code of hockey. If you've ever played a game of hockey in your life, you'd know at all teirs, if you make a dirty hit someone's coming for you. Hockey's a physical sport if you don't like it go and watch soccer
  9. Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi Lawsuit Settled

    This Steve Moore is a joke. Poor Bert having to deal with this for over a decade, ITS HOCKEY. Yes it was very dirty but non of that would have happened if he didn't make one of the dirtiest hits to the head I've ever seen. If you made that kind've hit on an NHL captain even now a days someone's comin for ya on the opposing team. Look how the canucks play against Keith and Brown on the hits they did to Henrik. They're always going to be a target
  10. good, I'm glad. Chinese have a lot of only Chinese places in richmond. yet everyone else is racist
  11. it's a 15-20 minute drive from miami i think. I stayed in ft lauderdale and i remember it being in an odd location
  12. [Speculation] Evander Kane could be moved.

    i'd add jensen, gaunce, or shroeder. no way in hell i'd trade horvat, shink, virtanen, mccann, or our 2015 1st for kane.