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  1. Best game so far for Adam Clendining with the canucks imo.
  2. Is anybody in this forum a Canucks fan?
  3. If ya'll want identity: stick in the rink logo. If ya'll want old school: skate logo. If ya'll want something new: Johnny Canuck logo. If ya'll wan't to remain the same: Orca logo. If ya'll want ugly: flying V. I guarantee you'll make an enemy which ever you choose.
  4. You sir is the father I want to be.
  5. Congrats to David! Hope he has better luck this season.
  6. Can't wait for the prospect tournament!
  7. Can we please let the pros do their job.
  8. People expecting Etem or Rackell in return is on something. Kesler wanted out, named two teams (Chi,Ana) and canucks fans wants top end prospect for someone who wants to leave. Jimmy B had no leverage at all. When will people understand Benning was trading the 2013-14 Ryan Kesler and not the 2010-11 one.
  9. Great 3rd round selection!
  10. Gilmour Brule or Hamill
  11. Good player but grossly overrated on here. Grossly.
  12. Frankie Corrado will be a Justin Schultz. Anyways, who's excited about Jason Garrison to Vancouver?
  13. Zack Kassian is a bulldog. I know we had to give up hodgson but what else do you expect.... you don't see a big boy with great offensive potential.
  14. So why was this kid undrafted? Is he a late bloomer ?