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  1. All of a sudden the Canucks aren't so slow

    ok what the______? my post was in paragraph form.... grrrrr lol (fixed!)
  2. All of a sudden the Canucks aren't so slow

    Some of the stupidity of the replies to this particular thread amaze me, we are a better overall team. We're clearly a better team with more depth than in the history of the franchise and for those too clueless to realize that MG tried this 3-4 yrs ago doing but ran in to the salary cap. Even now, we got tougher with bigger players who can skate and score too and not relying on the twins all the time, it was a no brainer picking up a bigger version of Burr that can out muscle a lot of guys to the puck to feed the Sedins to do their magic is totally when the Twins score and the bonus is that Sutter is no wimp and is under valued for that role here and hence Benning signed him for the long run. Enter Bo (MG's best trade) which will get better as he matures playing with Vrbata and not to mention McCann, Baertschi, and or Virtanen who fit quicker bigger 2nd line roles who will even get better with every game of experience learning from being on a line with a true sniper. This even leaves out Cassels who has power forward material = to Virtanen Third line? Are you kidding? arguably one the fastest in the league and wow if the goal by the dane who has seemed to have rounded out his game playing with Burr who has great wheels and can really score plus Higgins who is the epitomy of a 3rd line speedster and all 3 together again the top lines of other team that can really forecheck and stay with the superstars when needed is what helps win against the top tier teams. 4th line is not only tough but can actually score and that is something that makes a very good team to a great team, This team against Calgary last season would have been in the 2nd round!
  3. Getting rid of the fragile mindset of this team has "maybe" finally happened with more new fresh faces, i remember when buffy ran roughshod over Louie and we had no answer (no donald brashear) or even close and the best at the time wasn't good enough and the whole team ego seemed to crack and that was that and we never really recovered BUT now like it or not losing that fragile ego comes with new players that haven't gone through that, nevermind management although trevor was around in the wings so to speak. So now (HOPEFULLY!) a lot of that has gone and a new attitude of yes no more of that b.s. and what MG tried to do WILL finally get done and we have a new mix of vets and prospects and players will be ready to step in when the old core leave via age. Benning knows the value of getting speedier and yet grittier too gets you from being in boston so hopefully after it ALL is weeded out and a completely new era that has begun will finally lay it to rest and it dead and buried at the back as hopefully we get even better players to push for that elusive Lord Stanley as hard as it was when Linden played. That wuld be the greatest relief without drinking a six pack and holding "it" in a sea of a bathroom line up at a party! Cmon canucks! get er done! No more bull$&!#e!
  4. Merkley at 23rd.. not bad

    whether or not we go for better or throw it in with a trade if need be, nick merkley, from what I saw of the youtube vids which yes I know don't mean anything really but he keeps his head up with decent vision, decent smooth skating, and a sense for passing at the right time and a he knows where the back of the net is which is fairly easy to see. If this equates to the pro level after development it's anyone's guess but it certainly wouldn't be a bad pick. Although... more than anything we need to draft some prospects on D with size and skill but hope JB pulls off something to get us heading in the right direction on that. Thoughts on it? would you stay with him or trade up or down and for who etc... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhAdo0aFg_0
  5. Benning could look at trading Eddie Lack - Article

    Can we trade for Nathan MacKinnon please before I end up selling his reebok jersey now that I'm moving and need every square millimeter of space (ok so I'm dreaming, we'd never get him so may as well sell it).
  6. What direction should the Canucks go? (Discussion)

    I still wonder when the day will dawn when we split the sedins and put bigger tougher skilled line-mates with them. a mix of Kassian-Vrbata types.. trade what we must to get them, period. Outside of shinkaruk because of being bure-esque (well not quite yet) but potential to come close.
  7. 4 mil for Tanev????? good grief... he's good but not that good!
  8. [GDT] LAK vs Nux

    We simply don't have the team to beat them unless they have a rash of injuries, there's being positive but then there's being realistic!
  9. Miller cold?? Beer maybe but the CDC boneheads are at it again forgetting that Miller is a pro athlete who, when healthy is one of the best goalies in the world. I realize there are lots of people who think they know a lot by reading what other people write or say but for once can those people wake up and not believe everything they're fed! Oh and to those who think we wouldn't lose to the Kings need a reality check, it's not negative just reality. Unless a few of their stars go down then we'd go down. So what happened to those same boneheads that said last year there was no way we'd even make it to the post season? Ermmmm, can you please actually THINK before posting? Is that too much to ask? (meh.. probably)
  10. I think Nielsen might go in the 2nd or 3rd round unless he has the season of his life and i think that's a stretch since he's 18 and still getting used to a 6'3 205 lb frame but he's exactly what this team needs if he's allowed to develop to his potential. Would be nice to have a big tough lefty for when it's time for him to step in in 2-3 yrs if we can get him. JB, i'm thinking would like his size and toughness that he was used to with the bruins. No one on our team now is under 6' now but a tough edge is usually something either you have or don't have. He hasn't put up big numbers or anything for lethbridge but his skill set is decent but he can still grow a bit at that age but even if it's only a inch or 2 and 5-10 more pounds i think he'd be able to handle most nhl forwards in front of the net if he fills out properly. The jury would be out for awhile to see if he can become what this team needs but i'm sure he'd be projected to be bottom six pairing but there's also a slim chance he could make 2nd pairing as his ceiling if he turns out to be a smart player. At 18 he can't fight all that great but that takes time to learn and develop too but he's not afraid to drop em and with Cavin Leth, he actually dropped Leth with a left hook..
  11. Benning on Tsn1040 - January 29th, 2015

    Just glad JB got us a potential puck moving dman....
  12. Benning on Tsn1040 - January 29th, 2015

    Ok as much as people hate the term "process" but what do you think JB and Trevor are doing right now? A process of getting players they feel we need now and for the future... Is it not a process???
  13. If it's anyone's fault for the injustice in the world, that falls squarely on the shoulders of us.... sounds like it's time we actually owned up to that...
  14. Jim Benning Interview on TSN 1040 - Jan 21

    That, in my mind was the best thing said out of the whole thing. I was watching a game highlight i wasn't able to see and saw a player on our team do a great outside inside move and get a great shot away and almost scored and i couldn't see the jersey number and had to slow the video down and saw it was Dorsett, i was like whoa dude! NICE! Still quite stoked about him. Not sure who is our best spark plug now, him or burr... almost a toss up depending on the night but it seems like Dorsett has the edge a bit... don't know but SEEMS like it anyway...