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  1. and this is a new thing?
  2. which part exactly?
  3. yes i believe he is... still waiting for news on his progression with his injury
  4. A healthy Rodin might have made 7... if he's back in soon then outside chance he will.
  5. stop that! this is the CDC... that much rational thinking will get you banned!
  6. Vegas, have we ever won the cup as "the canucks"? EVER?
  7. you mean it >WILL be... we could sign Crosby and someone would bitc_ about it...
  8. So walk in and fix everything in 2 years? After all the screw ups over the past 10 yrs? Good luck with that! Of course we're changing up the team, what GM wouldn't and look what Benning had to work with, chill out dude.
  9. Who exactly and are they credible? Media? Can you name names?
  10. Nope but they could afford to wear gold/diamond studded shoes...
  11. So we have 2 aging superstars with FAMILIES signed for 2 more seasons, do you honestly think they'll be going somewhere any time soon? Must we beat this to death? again?
  12. This is... new? still being talked about? unheard of? seriously?
  13. Well part of how you said spending the cap and it's never given us a game changer but remember how we were back end cap heavy? that was for years and that hampered spending higher on forwards as other teams have and that has only recently changing and same with goalies actually too. FINALLY cap is coming available but the proper players who fit our role and line needs is another story, but only Benning or MG has wanted what this team has always been lacking, as in BIG TOUGH skilled forwards who can skate well. One "Kopitar" would certainly make a lot of people happy here. Can we get that? well we can afford one soon (at least)
  14. I think you either haven't done your homework on Boeser or you wouldn't say that, i'd bet Boeser does have certainty. It's not only his decent size and natural skill you can't teach BUT it's his attitude on the ice. He has that other gear and you can see it in his eyes when he's pissed off, not everyone has that capability or the maturity to control it i.e. Virtanen (maturity) Speaking of Virtanen, all he needs IS maturity like any other power forward as in Bertuzzi etc... I think this fan base forgets that part... It's like a young guy trying to shovel a pile of gravel in 5 mins flat when it takes 30 mins, power forwards are especially thinkers like that but they need to find maturity at their own pace and take longer. That's all... But seriously, watch Boeser, there's tons of youtube vids on him and you can see all of what i mentioned. Actually i wish more people would do the same thing for Rodin, can hardly wait for him to be healthy and back in the line-up!
  15. you forgot lain mc LOL! but pretty much yeah... i think it's for the ego boost of thinking their "informed" or in the loop so to speak. There's a few posters on here who think their own mind but not a lot, just enough to stay. Most of the discussions are simply trolling but some are really well thought out.