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  1. I live near a local meat shop/farm and yes, they probably use hormones and other stuff, but at least I can see that they aren't twitching out and incapable of regular functionality from mad cow disease. Because the cattle is raised right there in the field beside the place. And, they are grain feed. Good cuts of meat. At least that is the illusion the place gives off. Makes me feel good about my choice. I quaff the stuff down, it is nummy.
  2. Early in life I believe you can fall into addiction through peer pressure. Sounds silly but yes, young people are susceptible to influence. However, you can also fall into addiction easily if you suffer from depression and use drugs or alcohol to self medicate. What comes first, the depression or the isolation? Generally people suffering from addiction will push away anyone who tries to help them, and cling on to the ones that are indifferent about it. And so isolation is par for the course. The addiction is how depression manifest itself, and not really the issue at all. The issue is the depression.
  3. That is a political statement, not an attack on the jewish faith.....not anti-Semitism. All your doing is acknowledging the fact that if you print anything negative about Israel. you are ''aledgedly'' being anti-Semitic. And this line of thinking has been rammed down all our throats for so long that you can't say anything bad about Israel any more. Even if they are killing women and children in Palestine. Keep trying but you won't find any anti-Semitism coming out of Charlie Hebdo, How bout a cartoon suggesting the jews currently in Israel aren't even Semitic peoples, because they aren't....they are khasars, from Europe.........look it up. Hopefully the revisionist historians haven't gotten there first.
  4. I wouldn't consider either of those to be attacks on jewish peoples religion. They might depict jews on the cover but certainly not attacking the jewish faith....not anti-Semitism in the same vien that having the virgin mary giving birth to a pig. Those are messages.....the first one only suggest the value that Israel puts on the life of a Palestinian, and the second, suggesting that Israel has a bomb in store for Iran, when they are not allowed to have nuclear weapons. They have not signed the non proliferation treaty, but still poses them. Both are meant as taunts....actually
  5. Western media has for years been working very hard to make the words ''Muslim'' ''Islamist'' and ''extremist'' synonymous. You can be anti-anything as long as it is not anti-Semite....Europe has laws against that. I defy any one here to find any anti-jewish Charlie Hebdo cover. They're not as impartial as they would like you to believe.
  6. put a transparent bag over your head and seal it off. gets really exciting in a quick amount of time.
  7. Canucks are gonna win the cup this year!

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      Oh - and so as to stay in line with the rest.

      Tea cup?

    3. MANGO


      I say this every year....don't you.....regardless of reality

    4. The Magician
  8. they are being chased by teams playing .500 hockey.....they just might get lucky.......
  9. score was the same in the second game.....

  10. I like it when people just do their job and sing the anthem
  11. how bout that center ice goalie fight now
  12. time to trade lu......oh,oh yeah.....nevermind
  13. now we're not going to score for like 8 games

    1. drummer4now


      we need a mercy rule lol

    2. key2thecup


      This is so sad, I actually laughed at that cause it's probably true

  14. ok, someone fake a heart attack
  15. oh good, it wasn't me then