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  1. Been passively following your win counter (i.e. I would see it in your sig under your posts). Still remember when we were 1 down 15 to go -- can't wait until they're all crossed out!!

  2. GORDIE HOWE HAT TRICK!! and first star tonight!
  3. dudes ... I'm pretty sure I've minused Clutch before but when I went onto the first page to see just how many he has now, the plus/minus buttons are still there and I was able to minus him again Has that happened to anyone else?
  4. I was thinking that too, he would've FOR SURE but second in the league isn't so shabby either!
  5. haha, thanks again :)

  6. "He threaded the needle perfectly and I didn’t think too much because I only have one move.”
  7. haha yah its no problem :)

  8. I love how Juice is out with an injury but still manages to climb back on top of the league +/- ranking (Toni Lydman was a -2 today, Juice and Danny now 1-2 in the league, albeit Danny is tied with like 20 other players)
  9. LOLOLOL Actually I quite like HamJuice cuz it's a kinda strange and quirky but not outright gross. It's like bacon juice, don't people cook with that?
  10. and with a higher qualcomp than everyone above him on that list except one
  11. can't figure out how to embed the youtube video! Karkwa - Le Solstice
  12. i knew, and i also like