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  1. Thank goodness, I did not want him taking a roster spot over a younger guy
  2. Geez how bout them Kansas City royales....we need to start worrying about them
  3. I have two spots open for a draft tomorrow. If anyone's interested let me know
  4. The wiki pages are pretty cool
  5. Has anyone here had jaw surgery to fix an overbite. A month ago I had upper and lower surgery to fix a whole lot of things, was wondering if anyone else has had this surgery..anything i need to know?
  6. Playing meaningful baseball all year is fun
  7. I can gladly help update the spreadsheets this week
  8. Yankees doing what the Canucks should be doing.
  9. The bull pen was great today. Not going to win scoring 2 runs.
  10. 1st time in my life I will actually care who wins the All star game. Right before the all star break is normally when we start to falter, this is awesome.
  11. I drop Marshawn Lynch scott chandler matt cassell
  12. Well graduating high school today..when I first joined this league I wasn't even graduated elementary school...
  13. Dak Prescott
  14. 3rd round pick to Tampa Connor Ingram one of my better friends. Too pumped right niw
  15. Not Carolina..I wish!