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  1. Carolina is looking to trade some 2nd and 3rd round picks for players
  2. Bautista deserves more respect, he was the only reason worth watching when we sucked 6 years ago. He played hard every day no matter how empty the stadium was.
  3. Connor Ingram is a good friend of mine, it'll be a different experience watching the world juniors if he lets in a couple bad goals and hearing Canada hate on him.
  4. OOOOO WEEEEE! 10 in a row I'm having the time of my life right now as a football fan!
  5. I don't get why people punish a week of greatness for nothing that never even happened!
  6. I can't believe what I am seeing. I'm used to winning 8 games all year. What a feeling
  7. Haha I'm serious, pmi are worth too much in our league IMO.
  8. We should discuss scoring changes, doesn't make sense the amount of points I'll get tonight because of Kadri being dirty.
  9. Carolina will be in the market for defensemen playing in the NHL in real life.
  10. Wow this is awesome
  11. a great article on the most valuable asset in baseball
  12. Fox and TBS alternate who gets the AL and NL playoffs every year, last year fox had al this year fox had no. Speaking of Joe Buck, I go on Twitter and everyone hates him..why? He is by far my favourite commentator, I'll watch any game he is calling.
  13. Marco had 3.14 ERA last year, and a 3.48 ERA this year, he always shuts down Baltimore and he has been unbelievable in the playoffs...
  14. Bring back TSN hockey, it makes be sad that we don't get to listen to Cuthbert and Miller call games anymore.