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  1. Willie will be the first to go. What this organization needs is new ownership. Until the slum landlord owners (Aquillini's) decide rebuilding the team is more important than getting into 1 round of the playoffs we are doomed as franchise. All of Benning's moves and responses scream of ownership pulling the strings. Not that they aren't spending money but spending money is not the issue at the moment. We need to go back to an up tempo game that is at the very least entertaining and let the youth movement happen. Our most offense young guy (Horvat) is constaltly put into shut down roles. Hello Sutter is here for that role. Trying to tie the game that's roll out Dorsett and Burrows? Like WTF is Willie thinking? He constantly is miscasting players and relying on the ones who won't get the job done! I'm a die hard fan and will support my team but going through another era like in the late 90's is going to be a hard pill to swallow for any fan!
  2. New Layout (New Website)

    The new site looks pathetic! Forcing video's down our throats like we don't know how to read. Team stories and news is no where to be found and even the links at the top don't even function properly. I won't download the app as I'm not logging in every 5 mins to get an update if there are any. Basically if what they wanted was to isolate everyone and just force video and Rogers to us they have succeeded! I for one will not be stopping by the Canucks site or the NHL site anytime soon.
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I just did it for the first time as well... this guy just dosen't know hockey....I guess he figured he was suppose to be a 30 goal scorer his first season...Complete failure on the OP!!!