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  1. Habs are on a roll! 8-0-0 now. Price is on his way to another great seasons, definitely the best goalie in the league right now. 1. Price 2. Lundqvist 3. Rinne Top 3 goalies in the past 3-4 years
  2. I think it has to do more with the NTC that other teams don't like rather than the terms and monetary value of the contract itself.
  3. Wait what? That's all it took to get a player like Oshie? Damn Canucks should have been in on it
  4. Congrats to Price for winning the Vezina, Hart and Ted Lindsay Awards tonight!
  5. This Chicago team is a dynasty... 3 cups in 6 years. Kane and Toews are just money in the playoffs. And Keith man what a playoffs for him.
  6. I know he blackhawks are good no doubts, but I don't want to see them win again. Hope the LIghtnings win.
  7. "The Leafs win the stanley cup"
  8. You need your CFA or CPA. Just having BComm isnt't enough to get any decent job in this world.
  9. Junior Financial Analyst for Bank of America, work varies but usually 8-4 mon to fri
  10. Question regarding the plus minus on the penalty shot. In the NHL video games, if the penalty shot is taken on the PP, then it doesn't count. If its taken SHG or even strength, it counts for the player. I guess its the same in real life
  11. Fast and furious 7 - 9/10 Excellent movie with lots of action and great cast. Great ending to the series and awesome tribute at the end for Paul. R.I.P.
  12. Lol all the good teams are stacking up...there's no way Canucks pass the 1st round. They shouldn't bother being buyers on Monday. They should sell as much as they can
  13. Trade him while hes hot
  14. LOL Vey top 6???
  15. I'm sure Bettman will rig the draft and make sure McJesus doesn't go to a canadian market. Pretty much set to land in Buffalo.