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  1. Habs are on a roll! 8-0-0 now. Price is on his way to another great seasons, definitely the best goalie in the league right now. 1. Price 2. Lundqvist 3. Rinne Top 3 goalies in the past 3-4 years
  2. I think it has to do more with the NTC that other teams don't like rather than the terms and monetary value of the contract itself.
  3. Wait what? That's all it took to get a player like Oshie? Damn Canucks should have been in on it
  4. Congrats to Price for winning the Vezina, Hart and Ted Lindsay Awards tonight!
  5. This Chicago team is a dynasty... 3 cups in 6 years. Kane and Toews are just money in the playoffs. And Keith man what a playoffs for him.
  6. I know he blackhawks are good no doubts, but I don't want to see them win again. Hope the LIghtnings win.
  7. What a save by Price on Filipula.
  8. Goes to show what actual quality shots will do, not those weak sedin shots that were so easy to block for the flames defense.
  9. Kane and Toews are $$$. Don't care what people say about their contracts, they are both big game performers.
  10. Yea thinking back to that time, what if Chicago scored in OT in game 7 in round 1. It goes both ways. Got to move on from 2011 dude
  11. Wow 3-3 now
  12. Tthat's what Sedins are good at, making goalies look like vezina winners
  13. Wow with 1 second left
  14. Other than tonight, Bishop hasn't been that good. Let in some softies in the series
  15. Rangers in 5 or 6