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  1. (Temp GDT)Canucks vs Flames 6pm SNET-P

    With regards to Kristen Odland, that was a most unfortunate Tweet and I'm sure she regretted it moments after making it. What is far more embarrassing is the complete lack of class shown by all those that responded with vulgar insults and just vile statements (sadly some of them posted right in this topic). So many of those that took offense to the statement sunk themselves to a far worse level than she did. I've read so many similar statements to hers on this very board by Canuck fans (think Steve Moore) and to see the reaction on Twitter just saddens me. It reminds me that unfortunately there is always a certain type of fan that goes along with cheering for any team. I join with everyone in the hopes that Daniel is going to be alright and sincerely hope that those resorting to personal attacks and ugly behaviour will remember that we are all Canucks and we need to be better than that. -E