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  1. again, it's a rotten concept. It's like saying that in big orchestra the guy will earn 2-nd Violins spot by playing hard on Triangle
  2. I think the best thing Canucks can do for Jake is ... trade him to Toronto. Here ... I said that Put yourself in Jake's shoes: if even with Rodin (and to lesser degree, Burrows) injured Willi is not playing him with Bo and Baer, what he can expect later ... It's a rotten concept: "to earn a spot" by doing something that your coach wants, even if it's not suited you skills set. Some coaches just should not be allowed to work with young talents ...
  3. when WD sends 4th line on ice he expects them to grind, and no to be "a fast, goalscoring freight train". That's why you can't see it from Jake.
  4. Do you think we are still in September?
  5. and who exactly says that Nikita is not in a game shape? And who is in a game shape? Edler? Larsen? I afraid that Canucks are about to repeat Bure story. And of all people Trevor should know a thing or two about that.
  6. Yeah, right! That's why you quote whole bunch of his words. You obviously didn't want us to read them ...
  7. What part of the difference between 'no offers made' and 'no calls made' you don't understand? They call, ask "would you retain ...?", getting answer "no" and folding without offer.
  8. would it be fair to sit him for the rest of the season, so he can spend quality time with his family?
  9. What makes you think they are "reporters"? They're just doing their job, and it is NOT reporting ...
  10. but original question was not about backing chirp up. It was about chirp quality.
  11. Name at least 3 Canucks players who're playing consistently