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  1. Hey man, just wondering, as an aussie nucks fan, is it possible to make either an Australian nucks fan thread, or get a stickied non north american fans thread? like, a slightly more permanent option?

  2. Hey man, as a nooby person here, i was wondering, is there an overseas canucks fan central thread? if not is it possible to make one? Thanks, it'd just be cool to have a chance to see how many other aussie and rest of the world fans their are and for them to have the ability to make posts relevant to hockey/nucks stuff in their part of the world. :) - Alex

  3. woooooo :D

    i just got a nucks jersey :D:D:D:D:D

    zomg, so happy :D:D:D:D:D

  4. Woo, i just got my first nucks jersey :D

  5. 1: complaint, the water =/ apart from that, i wont write my bodily reactions, they may be considered innapropriate
  6. It'll be intersting to see when he comes back, personally im starting to think we look flat, he has a nice little one timer he can push in and his defence, or at least his experience seems to be missed right now =/
  7. bahaha, this threads awesome :D
  8. Haha, love this pic XD well, i gotta say, i just think bieska's playing well, i mean. maybe the entire team is just starting to fire, that 1 year when everyone in the team fires and plays well i won't go any further, i have been warned that jinxing the nucks will get you killed :S
  9. so bieska is safe to resign? just wondering though, if salo is still out for a while, especially given his age, is there a chance they might try and do something with his contract? mind you, as a disclaimer, i havn't seen salo play before, so despite his being held in high regard, i can't properly comment :S
  10. Damn, that hit to the head looked tough, good to know it was only a superficial injury then.
  11. Haha, thanks, seems to make a bit more sense, though i'm guessing seeing as i have only seen this season and a few of last, that i missed his bad play XD.
  12. FIrst post: Aussie, first year nucks and 2nd year nhl fan from what i have seen and with my understanding of hockey (getting pretty good :D) i fail to see where the pretty harsh hatred for bieska comes from, to me, he seems a really solid d guy who has a pretty good little wrist shot. basically, without causing a sh*tstorm, wheres all the hate from :S