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  1. You sound like your a mad scientist, numbering your ideas and stuff. Why don't you take a step back, away from your laptop or phone or whatever. Pretend This pointless conversation never took place.
  2. Can't we get something for Garrison in a trade instead of using our buyout?
  3. You accused him of being a dbag, when you clearly sounded like a dbag yourself lol
  4. He may have used the wrong form of "your" but your second last sentence is so contradictory.
  5. Call it even? I'm not trying to "win" anything by arguing with you man. Where are my hopeless homer posts? Let's see some.
  6. Just an honest question, do you come on here just to piss people off? I'm really just wondering, because that's all you seem to do. And when was I in denial?
  7. Thanks for this. I wasn't aware before.
  8. Quit being so realistic
  9. 3-1 Canucks!
  10. I say go Coyotes honestly. I have a tough time seeing Minny finish the season ahead of Phoenix now. Out best bet is to catch Minny, and hope that game is done in regulation
  11. That also true man, but Minnys sched is so tough. They could lose the next 4/5 games easily
  12. If Phoenix and Minnesota lose tmrw
  13. He's supporting this team. Don't like it? Don't comment.
  14. Get one Sedin back, lose the other.... Nice
  15. You're posting this in the wrong forum