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  1. I like to* think as Canadians the majority of Toronto fans keep it classy, but one bad apple can make a visitor feel unwelcome and taint their view of the entire fan base. I lived in Calgary 2006-2009 and probably attended 6 or 7 games at the dome vs the Nucks, proudly sporting my Linden jersey. I can honestly say I never once felt threatened. Just a bit of razzing but it was all in good fun. Living back in the lower mainland now and I like to think us nuckers are welcoming* to those east of the rockies, ..but there is always a few bad apples go canucks! edit*
  2. never heard of her
  3. Literally everyone shink mccann boeser gaunce horvat virtanen kenins cassles jasek stewart petit grenier tanev corrado subban hutton cederholm neill
  4. Roses are Grey Violets are Greyer FuNk this poem Lets listen to Slayer! Vote for Pedro Rudy!
  6. Make the playoffs anything can happen. While its unlikely we make the playoffs, I'll be pumped the day after the regular season ends and we're in. I will also be super disappointed when we get bounced in the 1st/ round. What I want is for the Canucks to win. The Stanley cup. The next game verses the Flames, Oilers, Kassian, Lack, the next game verses Marchand and the Bruins, the next game verses the Rangers. I want the Canucks to win the next game period. I've read about how every cup winning team the past ## years has had a true number one Dman. I've read that statistically most great teams start really bad, acquire top level talent through the draft and then with development become really good. I've been a fan all my life, I have never seen a champion. Will I be disappointed when we don't win the next game? yes. Do I understand there is more to winning a championship than just winning the next game? yes. Will I call for Trevor Jim or Willies head when we miss the playoffs but still finish too high for, or cant trade for a high draft pic? no. Love to win Hate to lose, a human condition? Just like everyone else some of the moves (Sbisa, Kassian) may have left me uneasy and maybe a little panicked. I like to believe turning around a franchise takes more than a year, much like turning around a playoff series starts with one game, but you cant stop there. Or turning a game around takes one shift, its just the start. The big picture matters and I like to think (hope) Canucks brass also loves to win hates to lose, and they maybe have a better understanding of how to fix a franchise than I do. I'll give it 3/4 years before grabbing the ol' pitch fork and marching ..the glass is half awsome
  7. Everett assistant coach Mitch Love says that Juulsens disposition might be his most appealing attribute. Mitch Love 808 Penalty Minutes in 278 AHL games with 104 fighting majors, and he likes Juulsens disposition. I'd say that settles it, we're drafting Juulsens :D (though hopefully later than 23rd)
  8. Higgins and Hansen for late pics (low 3rd although I'd be find with 4th or 5th or 2016 etc) Bieksa for 2nd or 3rd. Lack or Markstrom for 2nd or 3rd. Take what you can get. oh and an ideal draft day would have Kyle Connor available at 23 (I can dream) Sedin Sedin Vrbata Burrows Bonino Kassian Baerstchi Horvat Gaunce Kennins Dorsette Grenier (Vey Richardson) Edler Tanev Hamhuis Weber Corrodo Clendenning (Sbisa) ..I'm a bit of a homer and think highly of our existing prospects
  9. I was ecstatic when we traded Garrison, would have been happy with a bag of pucks coming back the other way. While Vey has disappointed we didn't trade Garrison for Vey. Garrison + 7th for a 2nd, that's a decent trade. Garrison is just too slow. Watching Bieksa get beat in every foot race he faced vs Calgary was excruciating and it reminded me of how often I ended up yelling at my TV watching Garrison play in 13/14. I would feel bad for the BC boy finally getting to dawn a Canucks jersey only to be traded a year later, but its hard to feel bad for millionaires.
  10. him and pedan have been far and away the most productive of anyone in our system ..on hockeyfights.com this year. His fights have been fun to watch, maybe he'll be a late bloomer eh? ehhh?
  11. I saw an open space on the band wagon so i hopped on. Joking aside, I'm a fan because I grew up in BC (vancouver now, but originally the cariboo, they've always been 'my home team'). I'd agree rooting for your home team makes the most sense. Although i will argue that living in another city, and being embraced by the other teams fans despite your refusal to take off the nucks jersey, can melt the icey hate you have for their franchises, if only a little. ..big game tonight go nucks go
  12. arbitration I guess, In my opinion he's not worth 2.9mil. The hole "grit" factor, he hits occasionally, but he's definitely not providing the spark that our forwards are bringing (Kenins Dorsett). He's not a fighter, not afraid to drop them himself, but I don't think many actual fighters are going to think twice because its Luca' asking them to go.. He's been adequate defensively, better as of late sure, but the hole teams brought their game to another level the last few weeks, maybe he made the team better? maybe the team made him look better? If we really needed someone to bring it physically and stand up for the boys then call up Andre Pedan..
  13. 1. Sedin Sedin Jensen 2. Burrows Horvat Kassian 3. Higgins Bonino Vey 4. Mattias Richardson Sestito 5. Hansen 1. Bieksa Hamhuis 2. Edler Tanev 3. Stanton Corrado 4. Spisa As you can see I may have a slight homer for bringing prospects into the line up. I have got to admit I know little about Vey, so one could slot Hansen into where I've got him. An experienced and skilled vet to mentor Horvat, giving him the confidence to excel would be nice. Although this years free agent pool doesn't get my hopes up. if we can bring in Iggy? 1. Sedin Sedin Jensen 2. Burrow Horvat Iginla 3. Higgins Bonino Kassian 4. Vey Richardson Mattias 5. Sestito/Hansen 1. Bieksa Hamhuis 2. Edler Tanev 3. Stanton Corrado 4. Spisa Wouldn't mind one of Gaunce Cassels Fox Hutton Shinkaruk making a good impression at camp either.