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  1. I can't believe that Godla didn't get MVP on his team. Good thing the arena chanted "Goalie! Goalie!", he should be acknowledged. Those 39 saves aren't even weak kesler type wrist shots from the blue line, most of them were real highlights.
  2. Who and When was the last core player traded?

    I'd say that cory schneider was the last core player traded. He was, afterall, our #1 goalie for a short stint. before that, it'll probably be big bert ages ago
  3. On one hand, I was disappointed to learn that Sweden had to play without Henrik, Zetterberg AND Backstrom. A full Sweden team with their C's (all #1 material of course) would have given Team Canada a much bigger challenge. On the other hand, if this was to happen to Team Canada (say, Stamkos/Sid/Toews), we probably will still pull a great performance due to our high number of talents, especially down middle. While it's a bummer that we couldn't see a more high level match, we do field a better team with a much stronger depth and should be rewarded for it.

    Wow, i thought we had it bad losing JT and Stamkos. Sweden lost their #1,2,3 centers. They have like no chance on every single face off.
  5. Torts cheering for team Sweden

    Agreed, it is the right perspective for him since he's not Canadian. No hard feelings, I'd be happy to see Danny and Edler do well but I'm a Canadian first and Vancouverite second. Always have and always will. Honestly, if Lu and Hammer are playing, Torts would probably be indifferent. To him, he could careless if either side goes 10-0 as long as his boys are on reason why the winning side wins. Perfect Scenario for CDC: Daniel and Edler plays the best game of their life, but Canada wins ^^

    http://olympics.cbc.ca/news/article/peter-forsberg-swedish-media-upset-canadians-selected-ref-men-hockey-final.html Long story short, all refs/linesman for the gold medal game are Canadians and Peter Forsberg is upset. My opinion only...I'm not familiar with the refs but names like Kelly Sutherland and Greg Devorski do ring a bell to me in SCF games. While I do not think that it's a great idea to have ALL FOUR officials being Canadian, it seems quite unlikely that we'd get favorable and biased calls. In fact, even the Swedish players (according to the article) did not pay much attention to this supposed problem either. Guys like Karlsson are actually comfortable in dealing with NHL refs and figured what is/isn't allowed. If we ever get a game-breaking call (like in Women's Hockey OT in finals), I bet there will be some complains. Thoughts?

    I know this is very after-the-fact, but I had a lot of confidence for Canada back in the semis vs U.S because of our results against Finland and Russia. For one, Finland actually earned a birth into the QF for being a higher seed. We narrowly edged Finland overtime, so it was obvious that they were quite dangerous. The U.S also barely, and I mean by the skin of the teeth, inched out Russia. I thought to myself, the match between Russia and Finland would serve as a measuring stick between U.S. and Canada. Finland then promptly 3-1 Russia in a solid fashion. DAMN. The only team that Finland lost to was us! Only by 1 goal overtime. Proud of you, team Selanne =)
  8. Figure Skating Scandal?

    Just get rid of anonymous judging. I forgot which competition (maybe diving in summer olympics? or gymnastics?) but it had the best system for a semi-subjective sport. Basically, the judges had to reveal the score they gave (no anonymity) and the judges that give the highest+lowest scores are written off while all the scores in the middle are either added up or averaged (no difference). This takes away the most extreme scoring and basically leaves what *most judges* think.
  9. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    Can't say they have the best defensive forwards when we have guys like Toews, Anaheim duo, Bergeron, etc. Anyways, I'm still not sold on Kunitz, he made some opportunities but also failed to bury a few freebies. It's really awesome how the teams in the final still made it despite losing star of star quality players. Sweden is down Zetterberg and Henrik, while we're down Stamkos and JT. This just goes to show how strong both teams are with one hand tied to their back. Proud of Canada, MATCH THE LADIES WITH GOLD!
  10. [GDT] Women's Hockey Gold Game

    While we're at it, can we have Szabados in net against the Americans. Seriously though, the first American penalty at the OT...she deserved it. It's not like the ref didn't warn her repeatedly to not slash Szabados. Also, we were just as boned by the refs. Our D was essentially bodychecked by the ref which led to the "oh-so-close" post. It was pretty clear that our D was there before the americans, wouldn't have been close at all. Finally, Wickenheiser had complete position on the breakaway and was dragged down. Who the hell cares what the exact penalty is, it was a damn penalty and we shoulda gotten a penalty shot.
  11. Crosby getting special treatment..

    Doesn't that sound familiar lol. A shootout goal against switz and a freebie from Iginla's pass = front page hero. The san jose and anaheim+morrow lines were my favorite in the last olympics, they were the best forwards in my mind for 2010. The forwards in this olympics really need to step it up. We can't just rely on weber/doughty to secure our Gs.
  12. To be fair, Bure in our roster 2-3 years ago would be a lot diff from the early 90s roster.
  13. Finland beats russia

    You say this but Canada did not beat Finland in an overwhelming fashion. Finns also beat the Russians who US struggled against. Sweden, with their #1/#2 centers, still have a bunch of talent on their roster. Backstrom as the original #3 center? Yeah Canada isn't the only one with a strong roster.
  14. Finland beats russia

    Can we also make fun of the Americans for having such a hard time against the Russians? Who the Finns stomped of course ^^
  15. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    I'd like to point out that the (on-paper) toughest opponents Canada and U.S have faced thus far are Finland and Russia respectively. In both cases, Can/US barely inched out overtime, suggesting that they are probably close in head-to-head to their opponents at the time. We have seen that Finland was able to utterly destroy Russia 3-1, a victory that came easier for them than the americans. Big names aside, I truly believe that finland was the stronger team and canada had a tougher trial to reach the same stage. Although i have only 50% as much confident in team2014 compared to team2010, I'd think that Canada is pretty underrated on CDC despite their tight victories.