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  1. Lol, I lost my mind when Benning traded him for Granlund. Not my best moment.
  2. I think it was less about being a reg season team and more about losing our most important goal scorer a week before the playoffs started
  3. This is the first season in years where I am not expecting a bottom 10 (league wide) finish. I'm hoping we take 3rd in the Pacific, I think it's likely the central takes both wildcards
  4. I think I lost brain cells reading that. Why compare their verson of Tyler Motte to Ferlund? Bragging out how cheap your bottom 6 is? It's because they're bad. Real bad. Bragging that your whole bottom 6 costs as much as Ferlund? How's this one Horvat 5.5+ Pettersson 0.925 = 6.475 vs Nylander = 6.9
  5. Yeah we'll have some turn over in 2 years. Thankfully, that should be when Woo and Podkolzin make the team full time on their ELCs
  6. OP, which radio stations are you listening to? NHL Network radio has said thing like "Pettersson is the kind of star you build your offense around, might be tickling tripple digit numbers (point totals) in a couple years." "Markstrom proved he is a number one goal tender last year"
  7. At the same time, when your NHL game finishes, you're on a private charter being served fillet mignon and pouched halibut. When you AHL game finishes, you hand the trainer a $10 to pick you up a Subway sandwich before you get on the bus.
  8. He did do what he needed to do to improve the forward group. He just did it by trade instead of FA.
  9. SN650 and NHL Network radio (Sirius/XM) have said that Benning was aware of Luongo's intention to retire months before it happened. He went into the offseason knowing he had to have room for the penalty.
  10. True, hopefully we aren't in a position where we need that room in the summer though. With the ability to be over cap in the off season.
  11. Could also recover 1m by just waiving Shaller and burrying him in Utica.
  12. Jordie Benn's instagram profile picture is him with a pit bull. If that's his dog, he'd probably want out of Montreal. Pit bulls are illegal there. Edit: I see Montreal lifted the ban. There's an article (linked) that says Jordie was able to have his dog come to Montreal with him after the ban was lifted.