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  1. He's older than most in the draft, will turn 19 in October.
  2. I liked Glass at 5, but oh well. Pettersson has some incredible high-end skill, looking forward to watching him.
  3. Sincerely, thank you. That's a damn hard job and we need you.
  4. I think you are getting confused between two sets of rules here: 1) there is a set of rules for who is eligable to be selected in the expansion draft @Adarsh Sant has the correct list. 2) there is a set of rules saying "of those players exposed, x number of forwards, and y number of defensemen must meet certain games played requirements." That is the list in the OP
  5. Four scoring lines? That team only iced an NHL quality 4th line between the trade deadline and Manny's injury. 1 excellent scoring line, 1 good scoring line, 1 excellent checking line, and some spare parts.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm surprised scouts are wearry of his size. 5'11" and 183lbs for someone who isn't even 18 yet isn't bad
  7. What's the word on Suzuki? Consistant and dangerous offensively, plays a strong 200 foot game, natural centre but played a lot wing this year, decent in the dot, plays in all situations, good skater, not big but handles himself well in the rough stuff, one of the youngest players in the draft, 96 points ( 45 goals, 51 assists) this year. So what is it that keeps him out of the 5-12 range? Is there something that he's lacking that keeps him in the ~15 neighborhood?
  8. And that Pacioretty was over reacting after Chara broke his neck
  9. Fair enough. I'd agree that's a good description of him as a player. I still do think it is shocking to watch him go from a 49 point, All-Star Game invitee to a 22 point, league worst +/- in two years.
  10. He very well may.
  11. Good catch, I didn't notice until you mentioned it.
  12. Elder is a puzzling player, he is more than capable of elevating his game when the skill level of his team mates is high. He's the tofu of defensemen, tastes like whatever he's cooked (or in this case playing) with.
  13. He did make one of the teams...
  14. I don't get it, what is it that the Pens or Hawks have that the Sharks, Caps and 08-13 Canucks don't?
  15. Still a Kelser fan, and am cheering him on against Lucic and the Oilers.