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  1. If we get on a decent run we still have a good chance at the 3rd division spot. Whoever is in 2nd is beatable in the first round. The run starts tonight with Boeser back!
  2. I think that would be really rare, if it does happen. That said, these are highly competitive professionals who might tell the doctors they don't have any pain (when they still do) to try and get cleared so they can rejoin the team.
  3. I don't think Tram has that 'nasty' element to his game. He likes to take the body, for sure, and is so big he knocks guys on their butt a lot. But he doesn't go looking for stuff outside of the flow of play. All of the rough stuff I remember of him was Tram landing a solid hit on someone, and shoving a guy to the ice who got in his face about the hit. He's strong and physical, but I don't think he's got that nasty edge.
  4. Come on guys, how you drop a 2 goal lead in the 3rd
  5. I'd go back to Demko, but on a shorter leash. If he struggles against AZ, back to Domingue for the next game.
  6. Career high? Edit, his last one broke the career reccord. Well, I guess every goal from here out breaks the record.
  7. Not to mention the prolotherapy injections
  8. Oh yeah, I think he's a great 3rd pair d-man. I was making that argument to suggest he likely won't be getting north of $2,557,500 (his qualifying offer) in arbitration. Edit, I now realize that the 10% raise is only guaranteed if the contract is under 1 mil, so the QO is at 2.325 mil. He may get a modest raise on that.
  9. Certainly could have been during the game. Sometimes it's hard to tell when your muscles are warm and you're focused on the game. Lots of people in sports or physical jobs can tweak something, finish they day without much trouble, but wake up the next day swollen and in pain.
  10. No, I was dissagreeing. Based on career low ice time and a regression in play from last year, he likely won't get more in arb that the QO.