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  1. If he ever plays again, can we please stop booing him? I wan't happy about how he left either, but we have to move on. He was excellent when he played here
  2. Could be, like Crosby's concussion issues that came with a nagging neck injury.
  3. Danny Heatly? I don't quite remember
  4. After hours interviews for those who missed it: Quinn Hughes: Tanner Pearson:
  5. Tkachuk is a PoS and I have a soft spot for Kass. Loved the beatdown. That puke got what he deserved.
  6. Boeser's work along the boards has taken a huge step this year.
  7. None of Malhotra, Higgins, Torres, or Lappierre were Canucks in January 2010.
  8. No, his points per game is higher this year. 2018-2019 71GP 66 Points: 0.93 points/game. 2019-2020 40 GP 41 Points: 1.03 points/games.
  9. Oh, I agree completely. I was referring to the poster I quoted who said post the 2016 draft, Benning has selected the 'consensus' BPA, and I believe that poster was referring to average position across the top scouting agencies' list. I did a quick googling (and I must admit, I've forgotten which media outlet I took this from) but I found an averaged rankings list across 20 or so scouts that had Pettersson at 9th. I was simply saying that Benning had Pettersson ranked higher than many others and that he has not selected the 'consensus' BPA from 2017 onwards.
  10. A good 6-1 drubbing by the Canucks. I want to say a bottom 6 grinder with the last goal, maybe Beagle
  11. Pettersson's aggregate scouting ranking was below Mittelstadt, Glass and Vilardi. He was not consensus BPA when drafted.