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  1. I'll try to find the video on it. I think it came out in the 2015 (maybe 2014) off-season, probably still in the vault.
  2. Yeah, good decision to keep that line together. Curious to see how 22-33-47 performs
  3. Interesting, not sure how I feel about Bae with the twins.
  4. Our trainers have actually mentioned this: they have most of our guys on water (yes, in the green bottles), but some of them burn through their glycogen faster than others. They put those guys on gaterade, it's had better results than water + a little fruit between periods.
  5. While not Art Ross numbers, those are still good 1st line numbers. I think we'd need too see 30-40 points from a d-man to be in the same category. Good top pairing numbers, but not top 10 in defence scoring.
  6. We'll score first this time!
  7. Much tougher opponent than our last two game. Hope we come out with the same jump we did to start the first last night, and maybe score first this time?
  8. Maybe more that once a year, but I get your point. Don't get me wrong, I like Granny and hope he does well, but I'm going to cautiously wait and see for a while longer before I'm convinced we won the trade.
  9. I still feel a bit uneasy about the Shink for Granlund trade, I'm worried about Granlund turning out to be a Vey-like player. That said, I was impressed with his game last night: Produced and looked dangerous several other times. He wasn't affraid to go to the net either.
  10. Hahaha, perfect!
  11. I didn't realize that, thanks Ihatetomatoes
  12. Ouch, rough start. I'm sure his numbers will pick up once he is settled in. I'm looking forward to following his season.
  13. Haha, did Loui specify which net?
  14. 3-2 Van in regulation. 31 shots on goal
  15. Uh-oh. Not a good way to end the period. After such a solid start too