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  1. 4-0 Van. Van scoring first, obviously, Petey with the opening goal.
  2. Hopefully just pinched or tweaked something when he threw a hit. I'd love to see him in the line up for a long stretch. He was crushing guys in the Buffalo game.
  3. Edler, Motte, and Graovac are not off the books, just off the roster. Their cap hit is still applied. With all our injured players back, (meaning 16 forwards, 8 D, 2 golies). We'd be at an 82,798,206 cap hit, over the cap by $1,298,206. (Including our buyout, recapture penalty, and burried players). We would be 3 players over the roster limit with all of those players back, so 3 would have to be sent down. Sending down the cheapest 3 players would net us $2,315,000 in cap space, making us cap and roster compliant with over 1 mil in cap space.
  4. Canucks win 4-2. Petey gets the winner and Gaudette scored first.
  5. 3rd period play was decent. Sabres were granted 4 straight pps. Montour hit Bo directly in the head, no call, and then the concussion spotters took Bo out of the game. Not having Horvat hurt our ability to defend the lead. We did not play the 6 on 5 well at all though. All the skaters were stationary and collapsed to the net, 0 pressure on the puck carrier, that was frustrating.
  6. Jack Eichel being mad about that penalty and losing by a pp goal is so satisfying. Buddy your team had 4 straight power plays and got away with an illegal check to the head which took our Captain out of the game. You're luckey this didn't end 6-4 in regulation. Don't give me that $&!#.
  7. That "tripping" call on Hughes was a joke. I hope the refs are embarrassed
  8. Like most things, it's both talent and practice. Some players are naturally better at faceoffs than others, but almost everyone can improve in their early years. Manny works with all of our centres at improving faceoffs. Gaudetter will get better with time, but I think it's unlikely he'll ever be as good as Horvat or Beagle. Guadette will stay in the line up when Sutter is back, but he'll probably have to shift to the wing (and centre pp2) imo.
  9. The LTIR placement was retroactive to the day they were injured. It's just for cap flexibility with Rousell back
  10. Yeah, I'd only move Gaudette to wing when all our other centres are back. Beagle and Sutter can handle the match ups
  11. Not our best hockey, but we got timely goals and timely saves. Good teams find a way to win even when they are playing a bit sloppy.