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  1. I voted Sharks in 6, then remembered Pavelski is out. Not sure they get it done without their Captain.
  2. I'd look at Dimitry Kulikov in Winnipeg. He hasn't fit in there and they need cap room for Laine and Connor's raises. 4.33 mil for 1 more year. Could probably upgrade a draft pick if we took him off their hands.
  3. Why do people freak about about NCAA players becoming UFAs? It doesn't matter what league you're playing in, EVERY prospect has the opportunity to decline signing their ELC and become a UFA. This isn't an NCAA only "loophole."
  4. Top 100 as rated by ESPN? Top 100 in point scoring? Either way, it's criminal that Ovi is not there Edit: Bergeron and Wheeler too
  5. Go check Calgary Puck or the Oilers HF boards archived threads from 2011 (if they still exist). Lots of proof there Edit: From what I recall, Montreal fans cheered for us, they just hate the Bruins so much lol
  6. I used to buy into it, until other Canadian fan bases cheered against us in 2011.
  7. RIP the tank. But hey, Pearson is pretty darn good. Solid pick, he works well with Bo
  8. Yeah man, I was hoping for a 25+ goal highly physical player when we picked Virtanen. So far we've gotten a 15+ goal, inconsistanly physical, but solid two-way guy. Still a very useful roster player and far from a bust, but a bit below expectations for a 6th overall. OJ was having a decent start to his NA pro career, still had some adjustments to make with gap control and anticipating the speed and routes opposing forwards would take, but he was producing offense really well. It's a shame he missed so much hockey and important development time this year.
  9. Weak troll attempt TO. Also, come on, at least post it on the 1st, not the 29th...
  10. New record! Most goals by a Canucks defenceman (94) is now held solely by Edler (he was tied with Ohlund at 93).
  11. Pettersson was drafted as a centre and played centre until he got to Vaxjö. He played mostly RW in his d+1, with a 7 game stint at centre when the team had an injury to a top 6 C.
  12. Northeastern wins! Madden finishes with 1 G, 6 SOG, and a +1. Final score 2-1 Edit: lol of course VC beats me to it